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URGENT: Travelling to NYC and Need Oxygen

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Hey all,

I'm set to travel by plane to NYC from Toronto, Canada on Wednesday of next week (April 24) and I've got nothing but dead ends trying to get Oxygen tank rentals. I'm only going to be there for a few days so was hoping for 2x D tanks and 2x E tanks.  

I just need the tanks, I have a regulator and mask I can bring with me.


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2 hours ago, Dallas Denny said:

I can only recall one forum member from the NYC area and he hasn't been active here in several years!!

I think that might be the member Into Light.  @TorontoCanada, you might try DMing him.  (Click on the envelope icon at the top right.)  He did not leave here under the happiest of circumstances, but he seemed like a good-enough guy to me.

I assume you have talked with your O2 supplier.  Googling "oxygen tank rentals in New York City," I did see a few things, including this: https://www.cloudofgoods.com/new-york-city-ny/medical-rentals/oxygen-tank-127.  It's a very small tank, maybe good for one abort.  But maybe they'll be willing to tell you about bigger ones.  Lots of listings for people renting concentrators . . . which might be better than nothing.

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