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Ok folks, a few facts and general thoughts.

As a 501 © 3 non profit corporation, Clusterbusters can not legally be involved in this. Seems the government does not appreciate anyone using tax free dollars to defend people against the government.

There are many problems involved in something like this and although there are many cases where people using schedule 1 drugs to treat medical conditions, have required legal assistance, these funds are usually raised once the need is apparent and it is for a worthy cause.

Administration of such a fund would be difficult and there could be problems in determining who might be eligible for assistance.

Who decides who gets help?

Is it just someone busted for using psychedelics to treat their clusters?

What if they are busted for additional charges? What if some of the other charges aren't the sort of thing that you'd like to provide a defense for? What if they got busted (no pun intended) for something more serious and clusterbusting is the least of their problems?

I think it is a noble idea but not one CB could be involved with administering. If people could work out all of the other issues, there would probably have to be some sort of LLC set up.


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I have a dream...lol  So lets start an LLC. Thanks for the knowledge Bob. That will help sort out some direction for this. Clusterbusters already has a handful. Thanks again for all of their hard work.

  Vetting of the charges and other case specifics would be important as this "entity", would not be productive to take on a case and fail. The defense if succesful would certianly set a precedent. Our government is medically oppressing us and science. This violates our rights as stated on the MAPS website. Schedule One sucks. No medicinal value of these substances is simply a lie. Opps better shut up now...lol



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