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Obstructive sleep apnea as it relates to cluster headaches

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I was wondering how many of you know that their is a relationship between some cluster headache sufferers & sleep apnea?   My wife suffered from cluster headaches for about 15 years.  We thought that it was because of "El Nino" weather patterns as the headaches correlated with these weather events every couple of years.  Every neurological test & study she went through yielded nothing...no abnormalities!   Until one recently bad episode last year, I contacted a pulmonologist to set my wife up with a sleep study.  The results of that study indicated she had severe obstructive sleep apnea.  She started using a bi-pap machine with sleep & the cluster headaches immediately disappeared that very night!  The pulmonologist stated that he has seen dozens of cases just like my wife's!   I rarely see this discussed on Cluster Busters.

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I am glad that that helped. I surfer with sleep apnea also. Got my C pap machine years ago. It did not help my clusters at all. 

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