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So, I'd set up an Alert in Google to find an articles on Magic Mushrooms, and it returned this recent article in The Guardian.


It was written by Amanda Feilding, who is the director of the Beckley Foundation, an organisation trying to change the law on drugs. Their website is here:


I was scrolling through the main page, and found a Links section at the bottom, where Clusters Busters is listed under research. Cool!

I am planning on contacting them to see if there are any plans in the UK to look at psilocybin helping cluster headaches. Current studies are looking at its use to help depression.


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with any chronic illness, you become depressed.

Very understandable for chronics, but episodics?

I never gave CH much thought before these past weeks, but now that I read, search, look back at my life... depression, sleep disorder, attention-deficit disorder... seem to have links with CH. It's all starting to make sense.

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Hmm, I googled LSD in Google Actuality and I found interesting results.  Le Monde, very serious and renowned newspaper in Paris, France, has an article talking also of Dr Nutt's research, but gives more links to more details and info about psilo research. I list most of them afterwards (papers in English).

But the last link is very interesting as this other article by Le Monde on psilo tells about a group of French searchers trying to find a psilo based med with no hallucinations for Alzheimer (sort of equivalent to 2-Bromo LSD I guess). One of the searchers says: Chez la souris, les premiers résultats sont assez encourageants, On mice, the first results are pretty encouraging.

I also found out there is LSD on the streets still, since I caught articles about police busts finding LSD close to here, in Philly and in France :D






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Depression is part of the gig.

I don't think it has to be.  Admittedly, I feel like depression and how you look at the world is probably somewhat determined through genetics and how you were raised...My wife was just commenting on how some people see the glass as half full, where as I seem to see it as overflowing.  My therapist was just commenting on how surprised he was that I was NOT depressed.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my moments...And when I'm down, I'm REALLY down.  I'm sure it helps that 5 years ago I was living with my parents, no job, no license, having grand mal seizures at least every 2 or 3 months or so and Doctors were telling me that I was going to be like that forever.  On top of that, I had clusters that were at least as bad as I have right now. 

In a whirlwind, everything changed--Now I own a business, got married, bought a house, no seizures, hell I could go on and on...The bottom line that I got out of my situation was that it all happened for a reason.  If those things had not happened I am 100% sure, my business as I know it would not exist, I would never have met my wife, we would not have bought our house, on and on...All the amazing things that I am most grateful for have happened as a direct result of me having grand mal seizures that no doctor could help me with.  Since then I have learned to look for the light in the little places and know 100% that if I let my life lead me to the places it wants to, I will achieve greatness in my life (I think that means something different to everyone--to me it just means being happy and contributing positivity to others lives and situations)  If I struggle. or if life is beating me over the head with something, I know I need to step back and look for little bits (or sometimes huge mother fugging epiphanies) of wisdow, and above all have patience--knowing that my whole life has been full of strange coincidences that seem to interact in ways that make life profound and great. 

I think one of the best lessons I've learned in my short life happened while I was on a large dose of mushrooms, trying to cross a river.  The water was crystal clear, I could see exactly how I should get across--but every time I went to walk I found the current had different plans, threatening to send me on my ass.  I easily extrapolated this to just about everything in life.  Plan your path, but know the current is going to take you somewhere else.  If you force it, you just end up on your ass.  But if you very gently, with the confidence that the Universe is going to do you right, guide your foot on your intended path, making sure that at the same time you let the river take you where it wants, you end up on the other side just fine. 

I don't know what these clusters are trying to teach me, but I am willing to listen.


P.S.  As I said, I really do think that most likely depression is mediated at least somewhat through genetics (and through food allergies like gluten and dairy, but that's another story :) )  There are people that no matter what, are still depressed, or at least find it a struggle not to be.  That's when I recommend drugs like Ketamine, Scopolamine and Psychedelics.  Unlike most traditional anti-depressants, they actually seem to work :)



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