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ABC News at 11pm (Boston Channel) - CH Meds!

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I think this is the link to the news story.  I think its very positive coverage!


Thanks Ajax

I just sent these links and the NatGeo Preview and You tube to Yahoo News. It seems to me it's the kind of news Yahoo catches on the fly usually.

But I sent it to Yahoo Québec, that's in French. I invite anyone to do the same to all Yahoo News services. I don't know if all USA is covered by just one Yahoo service, but we have our own here ;-).

I think the more this kind of news spreads out to general public, the better chances we stand gaining interest and...

I intend to also feed the more official local newsrooms and a scientific radio show on national radio here

Everyone: spread the word. Medias copy one another. Once the wheel is rolling, keep it...

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Received a call from sister-in-law. She watched this news report last night w/ her husband and called today to say she had no idea...meaning even though she knew her brother (my hubby) suffered from CH, she never really understood the severity of his pain and how it has affected our life. She had tears in her voice as she apologized. I thanked her for her awareness, clarity and compassion. This news report brings hope to all sufferers and supporters. It has way more impact than most know. Looking forward to BOL-148 being available to all and God Bless Dr. Halpern.

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