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CH and colds


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started to develop a small cold last night, got hit before bed, slept through the night after the oxygen brought me out of it.  woke up this morning and felt a heavy shadow, turned into a nasty morning zinger that i killed with oxygen again, but i've been stuffed up all day and had a little cough, and have been shadowing really, really hard all day. 

i consider myself the luckiest CH sufferer, as i only get hit every other day and usually only once at night after  i fall asleep.  but ive had to use my o2 like five times in teh past 24 hours and have been blowing my nose all day, and it hurts so bad :(

anyone else experience a terrible time with a cold while in cycle?

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Yepper. Add that congestion to the CH and off to hell we go. >:(

Steam helps me. Try a hot shower if ya like showers. Otherwise, a hot, wet washcloth wrapped around rice in a sock nuked for 2 minutes helps loosen it up. Often wake to find a wet rice pack loose in the bed. :o

The dragon will return tho. Benadryl also seems to help.

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