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please help with detox and busting


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...i have been getting hits  every hour and a half to two hours..

It sure sounds to me like you've diligently optimized your approach to O2 (when resorting to trex I too find the 1/2 dose to be best BTW).

Besides staying on the O2 for a good while after the attack is aborted, an energy drink/shot at onset is also known to help the abort from the O2 last longer for some CH'ers in cases like this, where instead of being hit every 1.5 hours, several hours between hits can be had. Granted, an energy drink can be a hell of a thing to consume at 2 AM though.  :(

If it were me I know I'd be actively pursuing the fungus at this point if possible (I may be biased, because RC did stop working for me at one point when a CH episode was about to come on strong, at which time I switched to fungus and it worked. I haven't tried paper just yet, but I'm seriously considering it for the next bust).

Sorry I don't know what to think about the D3, since on one hand you're right at the tipping point where it would be most likely to kick in and start helping, but you're also concerned this could be a rare case where D3 might be actually working against you. I suppose I would stay on it for a little while longer but it's a tuff call for sure.   :-?

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