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spores in Cali


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I am new to this site and to cluster headaches.com. great to find these sites because I can validate that I am not crazy regarding my CHs. I have been episodic around 22 years. Im on 02, verap and imitrex. Im in the middle of a cycle now (I thought I was done due to 2 pf days, NOT, came back with a vengeance)

Well.  I found lots of info on the shrooms and looked at doing my own research on spores. but they cannot be shipped to California. I am in Antioch, CA.

Any thoughts to help me out with my research project?? As with any good clusterhead, I am willing to go to great lengths to stop this pain

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I found lots of info on the shrooms and looked at doing my own research on spores. but they cannot be shipped to California. 

If you don't have an out of state friend to order them and forward to you, here's an alternate method.

Go online and set up an account with a private out-of-state mail forwarding outfit that accepts mail addressed to you to its street address (most do) and they will forward it on to you. Rates run around $30 a month, but once you get your spores, you can cancel the mail forwarder. This protects the supplier who has no way of knowing if they're mailing to a mail forwarder, and even if they did, have no way of knowing the ultimate destination. I researched a big mail forwarder in Nevada and was on the verge of ordering spores, but decided against the investment in equipment and burning up time becoming an amateur mycologist. Instead, I chose to just buy them in dried form. Ask your local 23 year-old male who wears his rejection of middle-class American culture like a badge, and most likely he can hook you up. They're available everywhere including small towns.

Next, get yourself a digital gram scale (8 bucks from Amazon). I chop an entire mushroom up and mix it so the entire pile proportionally represents the entire mushroom in case that matters. I keep a filing card with the scale showing the date and weight of each dose. Then I load weigh out the selected dose and put it ina a German-made Finum-brand six inch long, chlorine-free paper tea bag (also from Amazon) that prevents the dose from entering the potion like a conventional tea-ball won't. I then let it steep in a cup of water just off boil for around half an hour, adding honey, lemon, and fresh ginger to kill the taste. I used LSD in the 1960's and after a classic bad trip, swore off psychedelics. But last year the clusters were hitting me so hard, I had no choice but to turn to mushrooms. I started cautiously with very tiny weekly doses, and gradually increased them. After six weeks, I gained a years remission and dropped my doses back to every 4-5 weeks. After a year I began believing they had burned themselves out due to my age. But I was wrong. After 2 months without dosing, they came back with a vengeance, so now I'm back to a weekly 1.5 gram dose till they disappear.

Good luck, my friend.

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