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I could get used to this.


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So, my clusters SEEM to be diminishing a bit. For the last 12 months I was getting hit pretty regularly every 3 days, give or take. In the last couple of months, I've been experiencing longer gaps, and less severe clusters (for the most part anyway).

Looking on my spreadsheet, there are still several days where I got hit in a row, or with small gaps. But apart from one or two, they have been pretty mild. My last bad one was over a week ago, and I've only had a few very minor ones since. In fact, in the early hours of this morning I had a dream I was having a cluster, and probably was. It was just so mild it didn't wake me up.

At the beginning of Feb, the number of days this year I had clusters was 83%. It has since dropped to 77%.

So, not sure if it is a direct result of busting (at least some of it is) and/or if because I recently started taking hormones again. Either way, I'm happy about it and enjoying having more than one or two days in a row pain free.

Also, as a side note, I've only had 1 migraine this year, which is just unheard of for me for a 3 month period, espeically considering that last year I had 42 days with a migraine. Also, in the last couple of weeks, I've noticed a massive drop in daily headaches. In fact, I haven't taken a pain killer for a week and a 1/2! I don't think I've gone that long without pain killers for 5 years.

MoxieGirl (aka Renée)

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Sounds to me like the busting is likely responsible for at least your fantastic new zero migraines factor.

It sure seems like chronic CH'ers often have to slug it out longer with the demon before the war can be won (or at least the demon can be very much tamed), but you are racking up some serious victories here.

Looking forward to the day when you plant the Moxie victory flag in the the heart of the dead and conquered demon.  ;D

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