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So not on!


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Had a cluster today while I was teaching a course. That is SO not on.

Wasn't a rolling around on the floor one, about a 3 on my pain scale. But it lasted a 1/2 hour-ish, and felt like someone was drilling a hole in my skull near my eye. Thankfully, it started just before we broke for lunch.

Over all, things are better, but that wasn't nice.

MG (aka Renée)

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For those lighter rogues I really value having an extra strength energy shot in my pocket, although I can imagine that even the quick second it takes to knock one back could be a little er...conspicuous and weird right when teaching. Not to mention you might start talking too fast.  :D

I was recently crammed into a middle seat in the back of one of those "packed liked sardines" budget flights, and by the 4th hour in the air, 'ol rogue hit McJohnny Beast popped in for a lil' visit. Right as I was talking to the guy next to me I whipped that "energy 2000" shot out toot sweet believe me and was seriously relieved at how fast it provided an abort.

Not that I didn't have an imitrex inhaler in the other pocket as a last resort in case the visit was higher on the richter scale. Thankfully haven't had to use one of those or excuse myself to the airplane lavatory for an injection in a long time thanks to bustin'.  :)

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