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What are your triggers?


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Comments on another thread got me thinking about triggers, and wondering what kinds of triggers people have. The thread was talking about car exhaust and fuel triggers. Which I hadn't heard of before. And people mentioned other interesting triggers too.

Here's my plan. Get some replies to this thread with various triggers, then create a short survey where people can go and tick which triggers they have, and find out the results. I'll post the link to the survey on all the CH type boards I know of (this one, clusterheads, OUCH).

1. So, what's your triggers?

Mine are:


Strong emotions, such as crying

Sometimes, sex


Lack of sleep

2. What keeps your clusters away?

Work (usually)

Having a regular sleep pattern, and getting enough sleep

3. What do you use to abort your clusters with?

That's probably a good start on some nice questions.


(aka Renée)

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My triggers are, Heat, purfumes including strong laundry detergent and fabric softeners,alcohol,Mj,and the realaxation after stress, let me explain I handle the stress and chaotic times well but when I sit down to unwind after a stressful chaotic day that's when I'll get hit! Lack of sleep,pain pills, there's probally some more but those are the major triggers!

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1. Beer (the one true love of my life . . . )

2. Sudden stress (similar to your "strong emotions" I bet) 

3. Relaxation after a stressful day . . .


Typical day:  "whew, that was a tough day but I made it   through it, think I'll head home and pop the top on an ice cold IPA and celebrate . . . uh, oh, is that a cloud (shadow) headed my way?  Why, yes it is.  Guess I'll pound a red bull and try to sleep.  Yeah, that makes sense!"

I'm doing the D3.  I really have no idea if it is having an effect but I feel better everywhere else.  Red bulls stop the shadows.  Relpax stops the big ones.

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Sleep (including day naps)

Relaxation (including meditation >:()

A particularly stressful event

Fumes such as bleach, cigarette smoke, gasoline

Altitude shifts such as air travel or 7,000+ ft mountain elevations

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Alcohol (95% occurrence)

Daytime Naps (80% occurrence)

Rapid changes in Air Pressure (Airplane flights, cold fronts, driving in Mts) (60%)

Severe allergy symptoms (70%)

Keeps 'em away .........

Work (99% of the time)

Eating regularly and plenty of fluids

Regular sleep schedule (8+ hrs/night)

Abort with O2, cold water.  I also take 300 mg Lithium/day

Hope this helps  ;)


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The only triggers I've ever noticed were beer :'(

and the odor of a partially smoked cigar in my shirt pocket. I don't do that anymore. I still smoke cigars a little at a time but no longer put them in my shirt pocket.


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let me explain I handle the stress and chaotic times well but when I sit down to unwind after a stressful chaotic day that's when I'll get hit!

Same here, I usually handle stress very well, but moments after... well same with sleeping. As soon as I relax I get hit.

My triggers are (when in cycle):

- Sleep

- End of any stress (after driving a while, after working...)

- Being in horizontal position

- Leaning down then back up quickly

- Getting up after coping with being in a horizontal position

- Alcohol of course, any alcohol I think (I didn't test this, as soon as a cycle shows up I'm totally sober for months after)

- A bath (horizontal + pressure changes from the hot water)

- A too hot shower for same pressure changes reasons

- Extreme hunger

- A satisfying meal (every time when in cycle... have to eat light)

- Focusing on something, or rather more precisely focusing on a chain of actions and forecasting this action and it doesn't happen this way. Like if I see a car at an intersection, figure it will go because the light is green, it doesn't because of a pedestrian... it annoys me and it triggers a CH  :-? it's crazy like this.

- Uncontrolled action around me, like this friend with her puppy running around my grown up dog not happy about it.

- Some stressful situations like family problems rising up

- Being alive  :P

Other than that, I didn't notice any. I had never noticed the weather having an effect, but maybe so, I don't pay attention to weather changes, they are constant up here, except in summertime.

Oh forgetting the other parts... What keeps 'em away? Uhhhhh. Nothing that I can see else than busting, and using

my abortives : Ice and coffee, and some sort of relaxation/meditation I developed over the years. It works in the daytime while I'm trying to get a life, not in the night time as I'm facing it alone.

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Volatile chemicals (anything that evaporates, especially hydrocarbons... just figured this out recently)

Not enough/too much coffee (I'm immune to synthetic caffeine, so sodas aren't a big issue, nor is the caffeine in a Red Bull, NOS, or Monster)

Overstimulation (mental or physical)

Lack of sleep. Sleep apnea episodes seem to have a correlation with my CH's too

Alcohol, tobacco, or any marijuana too high in CBD



Monster (Abortive)

O2 (Abortive)

Psychedelics (Preventative and abortive)

Marijuana (Preventative and abortive)

Verapamil (questionable, but usually works as preventative or abortive)


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