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I am in pretty desperate need of help (mushrooms)


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Hi all, I am new here. I try to cut my story short.

I have been "living" with Cluster headaches from 80's. For a ten year period I was prescribed all kinds of different pain killers and finally I was operated by removing some blood vessels from my body in a kind of "let's try if this helps" surgical operation, it did not, it made CH worse. My CH started as episodic, cycle lasting 2-4 weeks.

In the nineties I read about CH in a magazine and took it with me to my doctor and got finally diagnosed. At this point I was eating hardest painkillers like candy. Of course they did not help (stop the attacks).

I told my doctors I had read about using oxygen for this attacks and I was laughed, told it would not help. Today I have o2 with me 24/7 - would not be alive without it.

(Sometime after year 2000 I also told I had heard of use of melatonin in CH, same response - lot of laughter, "don't be silly")

So. Mainly through the nineties I was on verapamil to prevent attacks and cortisone to end the cycles. By each passing year verapamil dose needed to be bigger as well as cortisone. They lost their effect slowly but steadily. At this point my cycles lasted for months.

After year 2000 CH got worse year by year, more medications, most of them prescription drugs. I think the medical field has tried more or less 50 different medications in me. A LOT of epilepsy drugs and hardcore painkillers. Triptans (Imitrex) came in the picture. Cycles were lasting half a year or more.

Then I finally turned chronic. At this point verapamil dose was 960mg per day. And may I point out my electrocardiograph was never checked. Triptan use was over the edge, since I received 6-8 attacks per day. I was on cortisone endlessly, for months in a row.

And at the end I ended up in the hospital. To receive cortisone in vein, 1mg at a time. All kinds of injections (occipital nerve blocks, ganglia stellatum blocks) and other treatments had been tried with no success. At this point I did not pretty much walk anymore with my own legs I thought I would die.

All the suggestions I got from doctors were - in my point of view - crazy; deep brain stimulator, dehydroergotamine or opioid treatment.

I had nothing to lose really, I went home and slowly stopped my medications and battled with just o2.

I had read about magic mushrooms, received them from my friend when I had been weeks without medications and they eliminated my Cluster headache. I was "cured".

(to be continued in the next post - not so short I see)

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At the time of writing this I am completely cynical with the medical field. Doctors can not or do not want to help me. God can't help me. Only one who can help is myself, and the nature.

At my last visit in hospital (I probably was only 95% cynical then) I was stupid enough to bring up the use of mushrooms in Cluster headache. I got a report stating I have mental problems since I want to use drugs. I do NOT want to get intoxicated, not in any way, I do not even use alcohol.

I have met over 50 doctors in my lifetime trying to treat clusters. I would say I can count the "good doctors" with one hand's fingers. All the others treat the symptoms, no one seems to be even interested how this sickness works and that it could be "busted", the patient can be cured. Still to this day I don't understand this. Seems they are unable to admit that they do not know enough. But they have no worries prescribing huge amounts of pain killers, blood pressure medicines, triptans and cortisone. In my opinion all the medication I would be offered would make my CH to come back and they made it worse and transformed it chronic in the first place.

Now this is where I need help.

I have the feeling that "I have lost my life", mainly my health to CH and mainly because of the medical fields treatment. I don't want to go to that path never again. I have a little life left in me and I will try to live the rest of my life without CH because I now know that it can be done.

I think the psilocybin is the key. I don't know exactly how it works, why it works, but I believe it does.

The problem is, it is hugely illegal.

In country where I live people WILL end up monitored by the police if possessing it, WILL be fined greatly and WILL even go to jail. Even because of small amount, aiming for medical use. I have seen enough to know that ANY explanation is not good enough, no one will even listen. Truly.

(oh my it turned out as a long post, I will wrap it up in the last)

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So, I am going to help myself. Come hell or high water.

Currently I am even thinking of moving to other country because of all of this. That would mean leaving my family, friends, everything. I just hate the thought that I have found a cure for myself and because of that I have to be constantly "on my toes" 24/7 and 365 days a year.

I have million questions about growing mushrooms. But this thing is pretty urgent. I would need help right away. The reason I am writing this if someone who is experienced in growing them could PM me ? I am way too suspicious to write anything in this thread.

Help needed. Thanks you in advance.

And to all you out there who have severe cluster headache as their "living companion" - my thumbs up for you all. You are tough people. You are fighters. Keep it up and never give up !

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Wow Salander that is one huge indictment not just of the current state of the medical profession, but I think of modern civilization in general, the way we've bought into the technologies and the chemicals and lost sight of how nature is offering more effective treatments literally growing right at our feet. Treatments that the indigenous peoples knew all about.

Others who are aware of the current best info for growing mushrooms will hopefully be along shortly to advise you.  8-)

I hope you can grow mushrooms without too much fear of serious persecution (my guess is that here in the US, an otherwise law abiding citizen with a good lawyer and a reasonable judge would likely receive a suspended sentence and not do jail time for growing mushrooms for CH).

If you feel mushrooms at home are too risky, I wonder if you could look into taking periodic trips to somewhere with low/no risk for busting as a less extreme alternative to actually relocating?

At one time Tortola for example was mentioned as a legal place for mushroom busting (I don't know if the status there could've changed in the meantime). Here's a link to that topic:


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Your post hits close to home as far as MD's not getting it. Luckily for me I found out about 02 years ago from the original clusterheadache site and got off steroids and verap very quickly and then 2 years ago I found this site (thank god).

I was wondering if there was any chance seeds would be less risky where you live? Many here have found them to be effective in busting a cycle or at least reducing frequency, duration, and intensity.


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Thank you both.

If you feel mushrooms at home are too risky, I wonder if you could look into taking periodic trips to somewhere with low/no risk for busting as a less extreme alternative to actually relocating?

I thought of this as well. It should be the first option if manageable. I am so "sick and tired" with Cluster headache that completely moving to another location and getting rid of the whole sickness does not even bother me. At the moment. But thank you for this link !

I was wondering if there was any chance seeds would be less risky where you live? Many here have found them to be effective in busting a cycle or at least reducing frequency, duration, and intensity.

They might be, yes. Bigger problem than what the law exactly says is the attitude of my country's police force. Just today I have speaking to two persons, the other was fined and ended up under surveillance because of ordering melatonin from the internet (it's a prescription drug here) for sleep issues and the other had ordered gaba for CH from internet (that one you can get legally from health store here). You are not allowed to buy more or less anything from internet without reporting it FIRST. Could seeds be grown by one self ? If I would manage to get the first ones somehow.

I forgot to mention that I have "studied" growing mushrooms quite a lot so I don't need basic information which can be found on the internet anyways, I more need help with situations and questions that may come along.

First thing doctors should say when you get diagnosed for CH is: "from now on, you are on your own"


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I hate to say it, but my opinion of physicians (& dentists), in general, has been declining rapidly for several years. My level of skcepticism is conversely through the roof. I've had two good docs, but the rest seem on an endless loop. And some of them are relatives! :'(

So glad your pain is in control.

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Sorry to hear what you've had to go through.  I've learned modern doctors aren't doctors at all, they are presription writers.  They really have no idea as to how to actually solve medical problems.  One notch above witch doctors, and that notch is a small one....  You, like me and many others I've read about, we were able to diagnose ourselves by researching information on the internet as CH.  Then brought that to our doctor.  Why couldn't the doctor simply flip open his medial journal to head conditions and review the symptoms.???  Dunno, incompitence by MOST doctors I guess. 

I'll help any way I can, as most here will :)

PFW my friend,


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I'm so sorry that you're suffering so much! I don't know where you live but that sounds pretty damned scary to me.

And yes, you can grow RC seeds yourself. Unless morning glory type plants are outlawed there too.

I agree with Bejeebers, depending on your cycle it might only take busting a few times to kill your cycle...then preventative busts later on. You could go someplace it's considered legal for a vacation, dose up there, and see how long it works.

If it only works short term you'd know you needed to move. If it works long term, maybe you'd only have to go on 'vacation' once a year or so.

Hope things get better for you!


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God can't help me.
Think again. I must be a lucky guy, my docs and neuro's have been very good...it's all about information and timing. If you go in there telling them ...it wont work. >:( If they are presented with information in the proper way they are more receptable to it.  :-*They are people too, all different and all worthy.Dont like em get a different one. I quit bashin doctors just a few years ago so I am guilty of this myself :-[..not no more. Traditional therapies have saved many alot of pain. I am sure of it.

Headbangerz rule ;)


PS: I would move. hope you find some relief..this pain sucks way bad..hell, i hope I get relief..do they let you fish there?... ;)

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