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I've suffered from complicated migraines since I was 9 years old. They started suddenly, I'd never had headaches before then.

Once my period began, I had a migraine for EVERY single day of it. Birth control helped immensely, but they were still horrible. Sometimes I'd have 3 month long periods thanks to a uterine fibroid.

After I busted the first time with RC seeds, the migraines stopped. I haven't had one since. That's over 1 year migraine free.

I highly suggest trying the RC seeds for it. My life has been so much easier since it.

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Of course busting is known to work wonders for migraine prevention, so this could be a heckuva breakthrough for many of your members. 

Have you had contact with migraine sufferers that have gotten relief from busting?  I have always suspected that it would help, but have been reluctant to recommend to some friends with migraines because I had never known anyone that had success with it--I would love to hear more about this.

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Without a doubt, busting can help with migraines!

When I began busting, I did it to help my cluster headaches.  I also had chronic migraine and tension headaches (up to 28 days out of the month with a migraine headache).  Since busting, I rarely get "regular" headaches and only have a migraine about every other month. 

My daughter was diagnosed with her first migraine at age four.  It's so hard to watch your child suffer with such pain on a regular basis - lots of missed school, ER visits, and nasty meds.  She's 17 now and recently began using seeds as an abortive and a preventative with EXCELLENT success.

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LSD was discovered while Hofmann was working on migraine and cluster treatments.

The first recorded "buster" story about treating migraines with psilocybin was long ago and again, a little like Hofmann's accidental discovery.

The wife of a cluster sufferer (a migraine sufferer herself) was chopping up the dried mushrooms to prepare a dose of tea for her husband. She absorbed enough psilocybin through her fingertips to abort the migraine she was experiencing at the time, and kept them away for an extended time.

Many people report this method helps a great deal with migraines and at even lower doses than cluster peeps use.


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