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A call I didn't expect....


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My son called early this morning, not the norm at all.

The beast made a visit to his house last night. >:( >:( >:

First time ever. He was shocked that so much pain could take over in the space of a few heartbeats and disappear with the same speed. The lack of the 'pulsing' type pain of a migraine surprised him too.

He has had occasional migraines since his teens. Usually they last 2-4 hours with Excedrin Migraine and lying down in the dark.

Last night, FOUR ice picks in an hour, lasting about 10 minutes each. Swollen painful temple. Hot welding rod thru the temple to the center of his brain.

He grabbed a V8 energy drink (caffiene and taurine) and slammed it. In the past, he has been shocked that I take 20-30mg Melatonin during high cycle. The most he has ever taken was 10mg. But, he remembered that too and grabbed 20mg with the V8.

That ended the attacks for him.

I am heartbroken.  :'( :'( He just turned 30 and I was hoping this would never happen to him.

I told him to start a diary and call me later when he is back up. Then, I would give him more tools for his armory. Already suggested the cold treatment and prop up to stay off the sore side. He works at a boarding school, so O2 with high flow is constantly available if he needs it.

I thank God that I have learned so much here in the last six months. At least I CAN help and keep him off the path of destructive meds the Docs would give him.

Still, this really blows. :(

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That $uck$.  Sorry to hear he's getting them.  Maybe just a fluke.  We all can only hope.  I concur, at least you can put him on a successful path, and not let him go down the witch doctor path of "here try this"...  I cringe at all the useless cr@p doctors put in my body over the years.



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I desperately hope it IS just a fluke.

Thanks to all of you for your support. I am totally devastated by this news today. >:(

I have had these for 40 years now and that is enough for one family to bear. I would give anything to take his for him. After all, what would it matter if I had a few more and he had none? :(

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He's in my thoughts and prayers, I'm so sorry that this happened and hope it's a fluke!

I know with your heart breaking due to this, there's not much to bring comfort...  but if nothing else, at least you know how to treat this. If it turns out to be a true cycle, he could get started on the seeds easily, or D3, or Licorice root, etc. Hell, his migraines might be fixed by it, too. Two birds with one stone!

We're here, there's hope, and one day BOL.

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The beast made a visit to his house last night.

Angry Angry

I am with you Spiny, one million angry faces  >:( at just the possibility.  Praying it's just not true!!!!!  Hugs to you and your son while you hopefully find an alternative reason for the pain he experienced.

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Sorry to hear that, spiny.  My biggest fear was that any of my daughters could end up with this horrendous condition. 

Maybe one possibility could be a sinus or allergy flare.  I have started to learn the subtle differences. I have have allergies that very closely resembled an CH but responded well to Mucinex. It might be worth a shot.  Positive thoughts sent his way.  :)

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I pray that we will have BOL or something better by the time your little one is in grade school. 8-)

No trends or triggers. He doesn't smoke and doesn't drink while working 9 days on. So far, he has not had time off yet.

But, Wednesday will be a schedule change. So, will see if that affects him.

I think it is too early to tell anything yet. I really appreciate everyones' support. Just need to get a better grip on myself and not be such a miserable grump. :-[

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When I have kids, unless BOL is available and easy to get, I will have no qualms giving them seeds or whatever I have to for these headaches. Same goes for any of my other family members.

I honestly think that maybe, just maybe if I had tried seeds / mushrooms / LSD first, I could have stopped my cycle at the start. Or at least righted what was wrong!

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Thank you EVERYONE. :)

I am doing everything I can to keep up with the situation.

So far, no major Kips yet, staying at the piercing stabs through the temple. Using the Melatonin and Energy drinks is working well for him. He will be home for a few days next week, so I will get a better read on the situation.

Going to push for the D3.

Here's a note: I quit the D3 because my tongue was raw. Well, found out today that B12 does that!!! So, I am going back on it minus the B12. I had started taking a mega B vit and that is what did it.Course, I did go out of cycle for a few weeks when I quit it, so a bit concerned.

He is young and I have resources now. YOU GUYS! :)

You have helped me survive 7 months of hell, so I will be able to help him. [smiley=beer.gif]

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