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New here and have a couple questions.


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Hey all, I'm Nick, a 26 yo CHer from Chicago. I've perused this message board a few times and thought I'd be social and finally sign up. A little background, I run a small education-based business in Chicago. Big fan of music, sports, and traveling.

Now the not so fun stuff. I've been a CHer since I was 17. I usually get a bad cluster around this time of year (about a month), and then maybe 1 - 2 short and less intense (maybe a week) ones in the fall or winter. I usually get one attack per day during the week. They just tend to not hit me on weekends, which is odd because I tend to do a lot of drinkin on weekends, and my weekdays are not overly stressful or anything.  About half the time I can catch the shadow and abort with mass quantities of caffeine before it hits. If it does hit, I am in for the long run, though. Usually 3 hour long and 'punch the wall' intense.

I used to take Imitrex (which worked unless it was a level 10 ultra intense one) but I now am self-employed. I got cheapo insurance since the last two years my clusters weren't so bad, and I'm healthy otherwise. Unfortunately the cluster is back with a mean vengeance this year and something needs to be done.

First question is: What is my best bet for getting this welding oxygen I have read about? Good place to buy? any info I should know? Total newbie here.

Second question is: What is up with the seeds? Best way to obtain? I have absolutely no problems with taking mushrooms, but I havent been able to find them. I think part of the reason my last two years of clusters were weak is because I had recreationally used mushrooms around that time of year. I didn't even really realize how effective they were.

Last question: The most common reason I can't abort is because I wake up, and the beast has already begun. Melatonin seems like the obvious solution here, right?

Any other advice is greatly appreciated! I'm going to get on the offensive with these bastards. Thanks!

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Welcome to the community Nick....sorry ya had the need to find us!!

Other board members will be along shortly to answer questions 2 and 3.....

....as to your first, getting weld ox is simple and cheap!!!  You can get a welding O2 regulator at harborfreight.com for around $50 delivered.....the Opti2mask is available on our sister site, CH.com

.....costs relating to obtaining a cylinder of welding O2 varies by lacale it seems.....this past cycle I got a bottle at a welding supply near Dallas.....had to pay a $150 deposit on one tank, $6/month lease, and $21 per refill......my last cycle ran 5 months and I used a little less than 4 1/2 tankfuls....under $100 to abort well over 100 hits in less than 10 minutes in most cases!!!

Don't let the welding supply dude know you intend to breathe the O2!!!!!  In most cases they aren't going to ask you any other question than what size cylinder you want ( I think the size designation you want is "M" but not absolutely positive of that), the one you want is about 8" in diam and maybe 4 1/2 ft tall (this is a standard size for a full sized oxy/cetelyn welding rig)

Welcome Home!!

Dallas Denny

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Welcome Nick,

O2: It is much cheaper to do welding O2 than medical O2. If you buy your tank, you can get it filled anywhere.  Rent and you can only get it filled by those folks. Get at least a 90 (90cf). It will fit in any car to get a refill. Refill here is about 20.00 or so.

Get a 25LPM regulator. About 55.00 via internet, no script needed. Optimask: 28.00. Buy it from our sister site:clusterheadaches.com. Let me know when you get it and I will be glad to share the method I and many others have found most helpful for aborting.

Melatonin: I use 20-40mg per night in cycle. Take about 30 minutes before bed. I would start with 20mg. If ya get the wake-up call some hours later, try taking a little more. Normally, 10mg would be sufficient, but not in cycle for me. My son thought I was nuts to go up to 20mg, till he got hit for the first time last night. >:(

The beast seems to do his best work at night. You wake up in almost full swing the second you open your eyes. :(

Check into the Vit3 regime. It has helped a lot of folks. Just anti-inflamatory vitamins and good for you.

Seeds: That info will be forthcoming I am sure.

At the bottom of your screen, you will see 'forum jump'. Click the down arrow and start reading. A lot of great info there to get started on. 

You have landed at the right spot. 8-)


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Awesome to see people already helping out. Gonna get on that O2 first thing tomorrow.

One last question:

Found two old imitrex nasals in an old golf bag. Gotta be 2 -3 years old. Safe to use? Not wasting my WHite Sox home opener tix tomorrow, may have to give em a shot.

I will research these forums better too so I'm not repeatin old topics!

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Hi Nick,

Welcome to the family, and sorry you're here.

I can't answer many of your questions, but might have some information that is helpful.

Alcohol doesn't trigger my clusters, which seems to go against the norm. I know of one or two other people who can drink with no ill side-affects. In fact, 4-6 shots of vodka often aborts my migraines. Go figure.

For all of 2011, I had 1-5 attacks every 2-3 days, almost without fail. I think there were a couple of times that I managed 6 days without an attack in that year. In December, I started busting. In total, twice with mushrooms and 7 times with seeds. In the last 3 months, I've had pain free gaps of 12 and 16 days, and several that were nearly a week long. And when I do get hit, they are greatly diminished. I do get a few bad ones, but NOTHING like I was getting last year. This board, and the wonderfully supportive people here, has quite literally saved my life!

Last year I did try the Omega3 routine for a bit, but it seriously clashed with the Topiramate I was taking (turned my pee to fire). I am going to start back on it before long, but haven't yet for one or two unrelated reasons. It is well worth the try though, and I'd highly recommend it. It doesn't clash with busting (read closing the door thread), and for many people it takes effect in just a few days.

I would also look into growing your own mushrooms, if you are going to go the shroom route. You can buy spores online, which are legal to own, and there is plenty of information about on how to grow them. Growing your own means you aren't going to pick the wrong ones, or buy off the street.

Hope things improve soon.


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Found two old imitrex nasals in an old golf bag. Gotta be 2 -3 years old. Safe to use?

Yes IMO. I've seen this subject discussed many times amongst long time CH'ers and for those who've looked into it and tried it there's a pretty wide consensus that it's fine. I've used 7 year old imitrex injections before (!!). :o Not recommending that, but it actually worked. 2-3 years old is nuthin' in my book. 

Just remember that you'll have to be off the imitrex for a good 5 days before busting will be effective for ya.

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