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Since the Advocacy category is a new one one the board, i wanted to point out that there is a new report posted regarding the Headache on the Hill trip, in the Advocacy, Events and Conferences category.

Please keep an eye on this section as there will be a number of updates and reports coming soon.


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Always one step ahead of me!  LOL

I was about to SPAM every category with the same message.  It's not my habit to spam but on this issue, I do feel compelled to share how diverse this organization has become.  I attended, felt extremely supported by this organization and the AHDA and am very excited about our future funding possibilities through these channels.

Even if this doesn't produce results in my life time, I know one day it will produce the results for my descendents.  If it's genetic, I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now as I type! 

I know this "front" in this "war" isn't for everyone, but considering how far we've come from being considered an underground group of experimental's who emerged off the Kesey bus...Further we're poised for some hard-earned, mainstream funding.

I thank every PinkShark, Flash or Pinkfloyd who resisted the labeling and held true to the cluster headache patient.  The suffering I did before I knew about this option seems inhumane to me at times. 


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