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Stomach distress

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OK. Dumb question.

I am having rather severe intestinal upset since my cycle ended. Loosing weight again, can't stand beef or chicken, or the smell of food cooking.  >:(

Sucks, cause I am the cook. So, when I cook, I leave the lid on and leave the room so the family can eat.

Talked to another member and found out they had problems at the end of cycle too. Looking for input and suggestions. Making appointment with the gastric Dr. It has been over a month now and SUCKS big time. Imodium and Pepto did nothing to help. Had to give up my BEER again too.

Got to get this fixed because the dragon is saying 'hi' and being sick, I can't take any more medicine!!!! :o:(


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Making appointment with the gastric Dr.

I hope the doc can do something for ya, even if that doesn't usually seem to be the case with MDs and these sorta conditions.  :-?

This Dr. Mercola guy seems to often have insights and potential solutions for such issues:



Disclaimer: occasionally I think he goes a bit cuckoo hysterical on some other topics. :-?

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