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been a while


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Hey all,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying strong, happy and positive  :)

I have not been on here for quite some time. Have been PF for an extended period. I still get some shadows, but its ok and I have been dosing quite regularly. I also have a bottle of O2 in my room with me which is great peace of mind.

The month of May (going into winter here in Australia) has definatley been my danger month..with the onset of a cycle occuring in this period for the previos two years, so I am trying to do all the right things at the moment.

I am was looking at the upcoming conference in Vegas in September..was planning on going travelling around this time so may be a possibility for me this year.

Everyone on this site is so cool and supportive, and to be honest this site possibly saved me at a time when I felt I had no one to turn to  :)

All the best guys, with luck I may see some of you soon.

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it has been a while for me too..... I love this site, they too saved me, especially Dan (hipshot). I am forever grateful for this home and to be PF for extended periods of time. Hope you are all doing well and living PF. I still dose as well, it keeps the beast at bay.

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Yeah definatley a fan of this site :) CH father, jeff & bejeeber were very helpfull to me. All the info on here re: 02, dosing ect is so usefull as well.

Glad to hear your doing well domino, you too. Yes, agreed...dosing does keep the beast at bay :)

I hope I can help/support anyone who is suffering. I know a good source of 02 here in Australia for those with CH here in Australia.

To peace and pf days.

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