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Nevermind I'm not back, sorry guys.


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Rory got into my account again this morning, and we had another fight this morning as she insisted I come on here and defend her and make her look like an angel (when for the past week I've asked her to just leave it in the past as it's for the best.)

She does not let things go, she will re-register accounts, get into mine, whatever just to get on here and either intentionally or unintentionally cause all sorts of trouble for me, you, etc.

Out of respect for you guys, I'd like my account to be deleted to avoid this, and for my IP to be banned. I will give you guys contact info such as my email or whatever if you want to keep in touch.




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I am sorry for you bro - but like others have said on here, my ex wife used to behave radically too - hence the ex wife part... sorry you have to deal with her and clusters at the same time, bet you want to just get away fro a while....

Sorry this happened to you man...But STay we are a family here. there are not many of us with this condition and we need to all stay together ....hope things work out for ya.

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