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Well there goes my 7 years pf out the window. Hope the rest of you are doing ok with it.

Been a very long time since I checked or posted this site. I rid myself back in 2005 with the big gun approach of 25g of Mexicana truffles. Not for the faint hearted but it worked. Had some slight niggles over years but nothing major used oxy rarely.

Got totally caught out when it returned last Sunday with the worst one in my 29 years worth. Woke up and was into an attack that went off the scale. My kid phoned the docs telling them he thought his dad was dying – so did I. No joke, it was that bad. Doc hastily called back 30mins later and by then I was still alive. Times a healer eh?

Very low pressure weather here 2 weeks ago then changing to high may have brought it back..I think. Maybe it was also insomnia/anxiety IÂ’ve been having too since marriage trashed recently but weather was always the trigger for me.

Now getting hit 3 a day but in the “manageable” zone. I usually got them once a year over 6 weeks during autumn or spring.

Just dosed with 2 very old blotters last night and about 20 dried liberty caps last Wed.

Had so much trouble sleeping lately due to the breakup that the doc suggested I go on antidepressants to help with that and wonÂ’t give me any more sleeping pills.

This insomnia is driving me up the wall and I am severely tempted but donÂ’t know if thatÂ’s a good idea, thinking...heads messed up enough as it is with CH.

Can anybody here advise on this preferably through personal experience how antidepressants affected their own CH or how it affects dosing etc?


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Well, we kinda need to know exactly which antidepressant it is to be able to help. Let us know. :)

*hugs* Welcome to the board, so sad you're stuck here.

I'm a chronic, on Lexapro for my depression, but busting keeps me in low cycle. I don't think the Lexapro is busting me but I may not know for a long time..Just depends on the person I think. I believe there's hope still even if you ARE on anti-depressants.


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One effect of antidepressants can be a reduced effectiveness of the hallucinogens, although I know there are people on here that have gotten it to work for them. 

One thought I had was that the LSA containing seeds have a major sedative effect, many people take them and go right to sleep.  I personally have not taken many pharmaceuticals that have knocked me out as hard as a good dose of morning glory seeds.  I have never heard of anyone taking them for insomnia, but it wouldn't surprise me if they worked.  There is also good evidence that drugs like the ones we use for busting can fight off depression for months at a time after just one good dose, so maybe the seeds could be a good all around therapy for you.  The major caution I would put out there is to remember that to always be careful when you are taking psychedelics during times of great stress, like a marriage breakup.  Many people will tell you to just not do it, that there is a danger of doing something stupid like offing yourself...Unless you're feeling really off the wall and out of control of yourself already, I disagree. I think these drugs can help sort out a lot of emotions and let you get back in touch with the reality of your feelings without some of the baggage and hurt that can go along with the situation--but I REALLY think you should have somebody else around to kinda keep an eye on you.

Good luck with all that you're dealing with, I hope you can get some relief from your depression, pain, and sleepless nights.


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i was on cymbalta for a long time before i found busting.

stopped all meds before taking mushrooms but i can say

that it helped me deal with the pain a lot better than i was before

starting the cymbalta. just not sure if its ok to take with busting.

im usually a little over cautious when it comes to mixing any medication.

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