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just got the seeds


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hi everyone..........just got 100 seeds. not sure what to do..........please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....got hit really bad last night. O2 didn't work so had to resort to imitrex.....do I need to wait 5 days before using the seeds? If anyone knows where I can buy a new hypothalamus gland please let me know. 8-). thanks.

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got hit really bad last night.

Ugh. When a CH'er reports getting hit really bad that is a serious situation indeed.  :'(

I'm afraid the conventional wisdom is that after imitrex you do have to wait before dosing with seeds. Whether you have to wait the whole 5 days or could possibly get away with more like 3 days seems to be a slightly controversial topic 'round here lately. Maybe some others will pipe in with opinions on how long to wait after imitrex.

If anyone knows where I can buy a new hypothalamus gland please let me know.

LOL ahhh gallows humor - where would the CH'er be without it?  :D ;D

(Amazon.com is offering free super saver shipping this week on new hypothalamuses if you insert coupon code FECK CH)  ;D

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I'm selling new hypothalimus glands now.  Please wire 500k to 555..  ;)  Expect your new hypothalimus to arrive in 5 to 10 busines days...

Which seeds did you get?  Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBWR), or Rivea Corymbosa, (RC).  There's a HUGE difference in dosing between them.  You'll want to start by being very conservative on which ever you have.  I wouldn't recommend any more than 4 HBWR as a start.  As opposed to RC I think many start around 25 (RC ONLY).

This is the preparation overview for LSA seeds on this website:




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Hi Jimmy  :)

It is best to wait the 5-7 days. Bujt when things are bad theyr bad, sometimes it`s not possible to wait or nothing to wait for. As Carl once said to me, i rather take some of our medicine than go for the imitrex. True, cause that way you will just have to wait even longer before dosing and maybe have to deal with more than the ususal hits. So sometimes i just do what i have to do and dose. It may not be as effective as it could be detoxing from everything, but it will usualy take me a place where i can detox.

Crush around 50 with a hammer, soak them for hole day if u can wait, i just use water or some orange juice. I like to drink them when i go to bed.

PF wishes to you my friend, hug Ting :)

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