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Wonderful moments at crossroad

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Once in awhile our eyes catches a moment that are truly wonderful and magic. Those moments make the time stand still, unexplainable but they do not need any explanations.

Years ago i met this man at the playground i used to bring my daughter. He opened up and told me about his fear of not being able to be the man he wanted and needed to be for his wife, daughter and his two newborn twins. They had no family living near, so they didn`t have any help from anyone. He was so scared. I have been wondering about him many times. Lately more and more, cause i have never met him after that day.

Today, driving in my car with the sun shining in the window, playing Vivaldi my eyes catched a man and three children. The children was smiling and screaming in joy, soaking wet, as what i assume was their father was splashing water at them with a garden hose. He was smiling and they were all looking so happy. It was a glimt of happiness. And it was that man from the playground!!!

What a happy moment to be allowed to be a part of. I am so grateful for that.

Out from nowhere i been blessed to get to know a person with so much depth, wisdom, compassion and understanding i never knew could excist in one person. That person gave me this song. And as always, you folks are the first and only place i think of when things like that happens. Magic happenings belongs to a place where magic happens. I love you folks so much :)

I am being challenged, i need to go places that have been closed and i do not remember how it looks behind those closed doors. But i do know i need to open them to live life as full as i`m supposed to. I`m at a crossroad and i am very scared. But this time i choose the new path.

My world is expanding and it all started here. Please listen to this beautiful song that was shared with me cause i so much want to share it with you.

I wish you all, all the best life can bring you. Let it into your life :)

Hug from me


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....it was that man from the playground!!!

Ooh that's a good story - with your conversation with him being a good beginning scene, and what you saw today being a good ending scene (set to music) for a movie.  8-)

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It is a beautiful song. Such a lovely beat and message. Thank you. I love and save the songs you post.

You will choose the right path and the right door. :-* Sometimes opening a door is like opening your eyes, you know what I mean? There is a beautiful world just the other side of your eyelids.

All the best my friend. :)

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