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Sinus/ Nasal passage

Thai Monkey

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Hey there,

Does anyone else's sinus clear during a CH?

When mine are going strong my left nasal passage and sinus opens completely. My CH symptoms/pain get worse when I breathe through that nostril too.

Other people I know with CH get bunged up on the side they suffer on so I'm wondering, is it just me????

Cheers all


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Yep, always get clogged nasal passage on the CH side.  My CH switch sides from cycle to cycle, but the congestion also follows the pain side. 

In fact, when in the midst of an attack one sign I know the pain is abating is when the nasal passage on that side starts to clear.

That almost always means the attack is just about over.

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Mine always get stuffed and clogged on only one side - i too had bad allergies growing up as a kid and still do have pretty bad allergies where i live.

For me it helps to let me know when i can expect the attack to end because it starts to get runny at the end of the attack. My eye on the same side also gets watery and droops. when i busted i busted during the middle of a cycle - i busted as i was having an attack and the shrooms had my head draining from both nostrils. felt good too.

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