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Where I have been

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Long story short: No PC time all taken up by potty time.

Lost over 10% of my body weight. Hint, I was already the 'Supreme Leader of the WBP Society'. Nothing there to loose.

Saw three Dr's, and I use the term VERY loosely. They all had excuses for not prescribing an anti-diahreahal (spelling very suspect there) or Magase to stimulate appetite. PCP said I 'Ate too well. go get a big mack'

Anywho, drank the barium, had a tube stuck down my throat, wound up in the ER, again and was shocked to find on my records that my gallbladder had been 'surgically removed'.

Notified all the children to tell the aliens that we already gave and to go the hell away.

I have never had my gallbladder removed!!! They don't care, just want to stick a camera where it does not belong.

Finally got the needed meds. Found out that I have two appointments with idiots I don't know for procedures I won't approve but nobody knows where my gallbladder went?????????????

But, they don't think Ch can mess with you this hard either. >:( >:( >:( Nor do most of them know what CH is or believe I suffer from it. I know, the world is full of a.h.'s. But did they have to drop this many on MY head??

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I was just rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer... (you know the drawer everyone has that everything goes into that can't be properly categorized in any other drawer :)  Anyway...  I found your gallbladder.....  It had a piece of old gum stuck to it, but shouldn't be an issue to get it back to you. ;O   



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"a.h.'s" is too nice of a term for those docs!  >:(

Glad to know that at least Jeff found your GB and is scraping that gum off of it before returning it.  :D

Wondered where you went...while you're recovering from your condition I bet you could use a nice portable iPad or something.  :D

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Hey Jeff,

Just put a little packet of desiccate in the box and ship it on out. ;) Thanks for locating the sucker!! :)


ipad would be great! :) And yeah, I run into more than the average number of idiots in the medical field. Anything outside of the standard problems are totally beyond their intellect or caring!!!! Guys in the gastro field just want to shove in a camera and give out lots of pills for stuff they know you don't have! Point: The anti-diarrhea med one fool gave me was an antibiotic for E-coli - which I don't have per his damn tests! >:( It damned near killed me too after taking just 2.

On the good news side, I have gained 2 lbs. in two weeks! :D Beats the hell out of loosing 1-2 lbs per week, which is where I was.

Thanks guys! :)

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WTF? I'd make them do a few more scans, since you HAVEN'T had the surgery. Or take the films to another doctor for a second opinion.

And another WTF on them refusing to prescribe anti-diarrhea medication. You could end up in the hospital from dehydration!

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH. Imma punch your doctors!

*hugs* Feel better!


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this isn't kaiser is it? lol, don't know if you all have kaiser permanente's where you are at but this kind of happened to my grandfather once. he went in and came out with a cast on the wrong leg.

You wouldn't believe some of the things i have seen. I work in the medical malpractice area. You should ask to talk to a risk manager next time - they are the ones that can always help a person out when you feel you can't get anywhere with the regular staff - well at least this works in california, because as soon as you as for a risk manager or a risk management nurse they right away think lawsuit.

I hope you get your gall back lol...

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You are sooo correct about the dehydration. I started to crash in the ER from it. BP thru the floor and heartbeat thru the roof. That would be because they take your WATER away when you go in. >:( >:( They got the reading at the station and came flying in with a drip that they then ran at 99.9. Read: wide open. One Qt in under 45 minutes. Blew out the vein. Had to shoot the dye into another location. Without that IV they would not have gotten much further with the CT scan cause everything was collapsing.

The tests were done at two separate hospitals. But, I am going to call the one for their previous records from 4 years ago to see what the Dr said then since he read the CT both times.

Right now, I look like a very skinny 6 months preggers! ;D And this baby loves Junior Johnsons Hot Pork Skins to the tune of three bags a day!!! Damn funny :D

Come on over!! To date, for this issue, I have four Drs lined up for the KO. 8-) 'Gibbsing' them would be far to easy on em. Down for the count would be good. And, I promise not to let anyone give you Nitro! :)

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Junior Johnsons Hot Pork Skins to the tune of three bags a day!!!

Oh Spiny, Spiny, Spiny.  :D

...they take your WATER away when you go in...

Sigh, and here I thought that might be one realm where they coulda had their act together.  :(

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