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Getting oxygen back


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It is really inexpensive and very fast delivery.

Just make sure that you have a high enough flow to work!!

If you are getting 15LPM, you might want to purchase a regulator for 25LPM.

The last thing, use it properly! For me and others, this means breath in and out with force until the pain recedes. You will be hyperventilating. That is where the 25LPM comes in. As the pain leaves, you will be able to breath normally. MOST important: If it took 5 minutes or 120 breaths to kill, stay with the O2 for the same number of minutes or breaths. As you relax, dial the flow down to a level for comfortable breathing.

I picture a beach ball in my chest and breath accordingly. Fill your chest with air and then really push it all out. Often it only takes a few of these deep breaths to calm things down and then just breath according to the dictates of the pain.

Best of luck! O2 ROCKS :)

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