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Anyone know of any herb companies in Europe?

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Hey guys,

   This is mostly for our U.K./German/European forumgoers, but, I figured I'd ask all of y'all anyways!

  My neuro (he doesn't know I bust.) has suggested I try a few herbs that're used for herbs that had actions similar to the drugs that actually worked for me. I figure feck it, I'll give it a shot.

However, part of his suggestion was that I go for herbs that were specifically made from companies in the U.K., Germany, or Europe. Because over there, herbs are regulated, just like pharmaceutical drugs. And in the U.S.... well, the FDA could give a flying feck.  ;)

So, he gave me one brand name, Weber&Weber for Butterbur, and suggested I find some Feverfew from another European brand. Any suggestions? Doing a search for this on google has given me a freaking tension headache because of some of the results I got. No, I don't want some German Slimming Herbal Tea. Or Aphrodisiacs. Thanks but no thanks, Google. D:

Any help would be appreciated. I'll report my results here, if any of it works, or not. My Mom will be trying the Feverfew with me likely. I tried it for Migraines from the time I was 9, but never for CH. Butterbur I tried before I started getting hit, too, I believe. (And with Butterbur, you WANT the Weber&Weber Brand. Other brands might not be safe. I didn't know that at the time and it was not Weber&Weber. D:)


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