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2012 Conference chatter


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Hey Racer.

I'm just taking a guess here...do you like cars? ;D

Indeed......  ;)

I'd dig the Shelby deal but we get in Thursday later in the afternoon.

Take some pics. See you there :)

I shall......assuming they allow it.

So far there are 3 going.....the more the merrier.

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What Jeff said!   :)

My internet access has been unexpectedly FECKED due to a failing laptop but I've been able to get a couple PMs sent out to Jeff et al asking to be notified of any impromptu shindigs.  8-)

Will also be checking back for updates here by hook or by crook.

I ran into Brew, BlueBalls, Potter and Linda Howell in the lobby when registering earlier.  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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I HATE missing you guys this year.  Just couldn't swing the costs, what with trying to buy a house right now.  Then again, there isn't much out there I'm interested in that is in my frame of what I want my payments to be. 

Is there going to be a pics thread?  PLEASE?

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