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New Truffle, Psilosybe Hollandia

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Recently there are two new strains of Truffles known as Psilocybe Hollandia and the Psilocybe Dragon.

Specially the Psilosybe Hollandia is a very special Truffle. It is known to be the strongest Truffle on earth and it is made in the Netherlands.

It's designed for strong trip experiences and the taste is much better than the other strains. It seems they succeed the taste problem.

There should also be a warning for these strong Truffles. It's not for beginners and we are somehow a little bit afraid the wrong people buy these and use them in a bad setting. For now on there is no warning and we hope this will not mess up the Dutch law in the future.

However I want to share this new Truffle with you. If you want to order this Truffle be careful and start with half a portion.

Site for more info: http://www.psilocybehollandia.nl/

English trip reports of the Hollandia: http://www.psychonaut.com/trip-reports/40283-psilocybe-hollandia-truffle-trip.html

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I wonder same, also are there normal cubensis shrooms grow kits somewhere in EU?

I wanted to order strain and grow it to farm the product but I live in Poland and I am unsure if they check packages being sent between countries within EU

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