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Hello everybody nice to meet you all,

My name is Raoul 29 jears old and I suffer from migraines ever sinds birth.

When I was 3 jears when the doctors deducted I was suffering from migraines.

there where some medication I could take but they did not work for me.

The migraines occurred between my 3 and 17 years with the frequency was about once a week,

From 18 years til 21 bout one a month and from 22 years till now about once a year.

My Migraines usually follows the same pattern it always did.

-          A slight euphoric feeling some 15 minutes prior to the aura.

-          Aura (visual distortions) witch start from a single point as small as a needle and growing out till 30% of the field of sight.

           This takes about 20 minutes  then fully disappears leaving a grainy field of vision and extreme sensitivity to light.

-          The headache starts lasting about 3 to 4 hours, killer pain each heartbeat.

-          4 to 48 hours, extreme fatigue, light sensitivity,

-          48 hours - weeks, delay in vision, , fear of another attack becaurse the delay in vision and 3d static looks like a bit like aura.

During the headache I found that:

-          The headache is a pulsating sharp pain in one side of the head, the pulsing is caused by the heartbeat.

-          Laying flat does more pain than sitting of standing still, not able to sleep because of the pain.

           ( the heart can pump less hard when sitting / standing hence less pain )

-          Sitting up right (not moving) reduces the pain

-          Rocking reduces the pain. But causes nausea and inevitably vomiting.

-          Can not tolerate light or sound.

-          Thinking causes more brain pain.

-          Causing pain elsewhere on the body focuses the mind away from the brain pain.

-          Eating and drinking causes nausea and inevitably vomiting.

-          Longing for annihilation during peak of the attack

-          Pain killers wont reduce the pain.

-          Fear of getting a second one after this one.

The KIP scale would probabably slightly higher that 7, not being able to sleep peeking maxing at 9, longing for annihilation. (no screaming)

The Posible triggers for me:

-          Stress.

-          Neck trauma.

-          Muscle pain / stiffness in the neck.

-          Sudden sharp pains that knock the wind out of me.

-          Pain overloading the nerves system.

Realize that migraines might actually not be the same as CH in the brain I'm willing to test if i can bust the migraine attack with

Magic Philosopher stones wich have a fairly high amount of Psilocin and Psilocybin in them. In Holland you can legaly order these on the internet.

These are the two IÂ’m refer to.

Psilocybe dragon (15g) Rank Strong

Psilocybe hollandia (15g) Rank Verry strong (the special fruiting takes a year in stead of 5 months,

wich gives it a higher consentrations of Psilocin and Psilocybin)

The amount IÂ’m going to try to bust the migraine would probably be 20% of the packet so 4g blended in some water for fast absorption.

(I did a 33% of a slightly less potent Psilocybe Atlantis (Rank Strong) before recreationaly 1.5 years ago giving me philosophical thoughts, laughter kicks, slight visual and a body high)

I was wondering what are your ideaÂ’s on this?


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Hi Raoul, and welcome.

Migraines run in my family, and I too have had them since a very young age. My main trigger, for most of my life, has been getting too hungry. If I ever missed a meal, I would be sure to get a migraine later in the day.

They started getting bad when I was 25, and were very stress related (another of my triggers). I was going through a divorce then, and life was not good. I had migraines, constant pain we are talking, that lasted weeks. One month I had only 2 pain free days the entire month.

They got better after the divorce and when returned to normal. Everything started up very bad again about 6 years ago, when the clusters also started. I had a headache for 7 months, punctuated with migraines and clusters. I was having clusters that lasted 2-7 days, and getting 2-4 a month that year.

I don't have migraine with aura, so they may be different from yours. Like you, I am VERY sound and light sensitive, and movement of any kind, especially the eyes, is absolute agony. I don't EVER get sick from headaches, migraines or clusters.

Yes, migraines (in my opinion) are very different from clusters, like a cold is different from the flu.

In 2010 I started keeping a detailed record of all my various headaches, and that year I had 63 migraines. In 2011 I had 42. I started busting with LSA and Psilocybin last November. This year I have had 2 migraines, both lasting only a day or so, and treated with normal migraine painkillers.

Yes, I still get a lot of headaches, and some are quite bad. But proper shut me down, send me to bed migraines, only 2 in the last 8 months!

For me, that is absolutely AMAZING!! And I believe completely down to busting.


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Sorry about your migraines.  Have you tried O2?  I know it is not as effective for Migraines as it is for CH, but it can reduce the pain and duration, especially if you are able to use O2 right at the beginning.  I have found that if it is effective, it will work within 10 minutes.  If it hasn't worked by then, it usually just wont that time.

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Thanks for the responses!

I havend got an attack yet so im waiting for one. Omg i used to fear migraines so much i could not even talk about them, now im kind of exiteded to get one and buster it.

@Renée good to hear that it works :) have you thought of seing a Chiropractic docter? how about your breathing do you breath to your belly, and exhale longer that inhale? i hear most ppl breath wrongly and that triggers all kinds of problems.

@Mystina funny thing is i always feared the aura now im kind of waiting for it so i can buster it :P

@Diverdown i havend actualy i guess ill have to ask my doctor if i can get some :)

keep ya posted!

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So Its been a while!

Last saturday I had my last migraine attack and guess what! my fresh Magic Philosopher stones are now not so fresh anymore ...

So I had to wait this one out, my girlfriend did got me some new kind of Migraine Pills but since i took them 3 hours into the attack I could not validate if thay where workingl, sinds normaly the attack ends after 4 hours.

Im gonna order a new supply, lets hope thay expire aswell :D


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Hi again,

I may bring up some things here you already know, forgive me if I'm stating the obvious.

I read a paper once that connected asthma with people who have migraines in the family. I have asthma, although not sure it conbributes to the migrains in anyway.

Chiropractors can be good for migraines/headaches that are caused by pinched nerves in the spine. Mine aren't caused by that, they are heriditary. But, I have seen chiropractors for other reasons, and it didn't help my migraines. I'm going to see one again soon for some lower/middle back pain, and will be interested to see if it helps my daily chronic headaches.

One of the best things I've found for headaches/migraines is massage. I've recently trained as a holistic massage therapist, and was giving/receiving several massages a week. My daily headaches were never at their lowest! Also helped with my clusters. I can't recommend it enough (although don't want to sound like I'm pushing something I sell).  It has made a huge difference in my life.

I have found, for me, that if I bust during a headache/migraine, it makes it worse. Much worse. I always, and only bust when I'm pain free.

When a person gets a migraine, usually the first thing in the body to shut down is the stomach. Anything you eat 15-30 minutes after a migraine starts, isn't digested very well. This is why all migraine pills say to take them as soon as possible at the first sign of a migraine. Otherwise, they are pretty useless - not totally useless, but take longer to work.

A lot of people get auto-injectors for migraines just for this reason. It bypasses the stomach and goes straight to the blood stream.

For my migraines, I have 2 triptans (Eletriptan and Zolmitriptan). The Eletriptan (Relpax) acts fast but doesn't last long, usually a few hours. The Zolmitriptan (Zomig) takes 20-30 to activate, but lasts a full day or so. I find that when one stops working, I switch to the other. I also use Migraleve, an over the counter migraine pill that contains paracetemal and codein. Between the 3, I can stop about 60% of my migraines within a few hours, or a day. For those migraines that last 2-3 days, and the pills are doing nothing, I take somewhere between 4-9 straight shots of vodka, chased down with coke over the course of a half hour or so. I then go to bed, and feel perfectly fine the next day. If I don't, my migraine will last 5-7 days.


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