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I'm puzzled by the "methods and kits" story, since it seems to be a story from 8/31/2012 reporting that Halpern and others filed a patent application for BOL as a cluster headache treatment 16 months earlier, in May, 2011.  We knew of that patent application . . . I'm just trying to figure out what the "news" is here (not criticizing you for posting it, shocked -- just wondering whether there's something going on here that escapes me).

This story is of interest to me because I have had the sense that this patent is a double-edge sword that so far has cut only in one direction.  That is, it enabled the formation of Entheogen Corp to try to make BOL available as an approved pharmaceutical; and at the same time it seems to me that it has deprived some people with CH of the possibility of somehow lawfully getting BOL for themselves. (Whenever this subject comes up, it is suggested that getting BOL for oneself is difficult and expensive. I know that. Doesn't change my point.) 

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