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A number of people are asking what turned up with my attempt to obtain BOL.  In a nutshell...

Attempt A:  Chinese lab.  Price in the $2.5k range.  Sent 3g of something. Wasn't BOL. 

Attempt B:  Chinese lab.  Price in the $1k range.  Sent 40g of something.  Wasn't BOL. 

Several months later received a check from China with very little English writing on it.  Appears to have been from a government business regulation group.  Was for a bit more than the original expenditure on this one.  Seems that faux lab was busted. 

Attempt C:  India lab.  Price in the $4k range.  This crew genuinely tried.  They were told they could get the precursor, but their supplier fell through.  Very apologetically they refunded the entire amount.  Felt bad for them as they put dozens of hours into it.  The communications I have from them show they were extremely knowledgeable on exactly what we sought. 

Lead D:  People do hit this board.  Making a long story short... was contacted directly by older gentleman with a chem background, who some decades ago was in the precursor business.  Long retired and bored, sees this a noble reason to fire things back up.  Chatted several times. 

Ballpark was low to mid 5-figures, entirely for lab improvements and the needed inputs, payable only after successful assay.  Was invited to participate throughout.    

Tabled that one for now... not big on the risk.  Next cycle, who knows? 

I am out of cycle and would never dream on guinea-pigging any treatment I sourced on anyone else, so not running with any of these right now. 

Take care friends. 

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Hi all, have been cf for nearly 2 years! but they are now back with a vengance. am a bit out of date but saw this post on trying to buy bol, has anyone tried thc-pharma.de here in germany?

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