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A Beautiful Morning


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I'm sitting here getting some tasks organized for work and reflecting on all the people I met at the conference.  Listening to "The Surface of the Sun" by John Murphy, followed by "All To Heaven / A Particularly Beautiful Day" by John Murphy.  Everything feels particularly nice today.

If anyone hasn't heard those pieces, I encourage you to pull them up on GrooveShark.com or another music site.  You won't regret it...  (Though admittedly the first 1:45 they could have left off "All to Heaven", it's a bit chaotic)  The end is peaceful though.

"The Surface of the Sun" is my single favorite piece of music I've ever heard.  I listen to it at least once nearly every day.

Have a great day!,


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If this Grooveshark link will work to take anyone directly to the stereo version of Surface of the Sun, it could be worth clicking on (I found that after searching out Surface of the Sun on Grooveshark, when I clicked on the first version in the playlist that came up it was actually in mono instead of stereo, and this music seriously cries out for the ol' stereo action).


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Question: If you follow the link and like the music, can you burn a CD of it on your PC since you are playing it there. Or, will that get you in trouble? Just want to know before I listen to something, want it and can't get it!!!!!!!!!

Too far behind the times. :-[


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Here's my current take on the subject - I think CD burning might be more trouble than it's worth Spiny, as a more efficient and convenient new paradigm is to just download/install something like the Spotify app where you can legally search out and stream most any tune, any time (well except for a couple hold outs like Led Zep) and keep songs in playlists for quick'n easy replay etc.

Or you could do a similar thingy with iTunes where you'd be downloading the tunes and the artists would be getting paid something reasonable.

Yep actually burning things onto plastic is a comparatively cumbersome and time sucking approach that's definitely on the way out.

Now you're all caught up to date. According to me. ;D

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According to our government, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

As an artist, I thank anyone in advance for non-violation of copyright law. Many artists depend on the royalties they receive by virtue of the copyrights they own.

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Jeff: Do you like Deep Breakfast? Or Gandalf?

BB Too funny! :D

Music taste is eclectic, which is why I always liked this group.

Now, I need to spend time that I don't have to learn the new stuff for acquiring and saving it. So, why do I still have a stereo? And this is why I can't get a decent multiple CD changer anymore? Yes, it is. >:(

Found my  imitation ipod, charging now and I don't remember anything I have on it either!!!!!

Forgot the house cleaning music!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My0HQ0QkGLQ

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OK so now we know Spiny wields a cutting torch, enjoys making jerky out of Bambi, and digs heavy German industrial music.

Oh man I hope she's not packing heat at BusterCon 2013!  :o

Ha, just kiddin' Spiny.  :) Your ears must've been burning last weekend when clusterheads were hangin' out in the sports bar and wishing you were there. There was a debate as to whether Spiny is pronounced "spy-knee" or "spinny". I voted for spy-knee. 

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:D :D :D :D

Cool! I was missed a bit? Big grin on my face now. 8-) I sure as heck wanted to be there!!!!!!!! Why can't you have an OBE when you need one to transport you to party with your friends?? 'Lordy' the powers have contrary ways sometimes.

I have read that Chi town ain't heat friendly Jeebs!!!  ;D

I think I will keep the pronunciation private till Chicago! ;)

thank you!!!!!!


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