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hyperbaric oxygen


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Hi all--just wondering if anyone has heard anything about hyperbaric oxygen tx for chronic clusters?? My doc in CT has not. 



Hyperbaric o2 uses 100% oxygen which is what we require to abort CH attacks. 

However, considering o2 therapy is an abortive treatment and not a preventative treatment, I don't understand how hyperbaric oxygen therapy would be practical in terms of timeliness of attacks vs scheduling an appointment to use the medical facility's o2 chamber.

O2 is to be hyperventilated with a NON-rebreather mask at onset of an attack until abort, followed by normal breathing for an additional 5 or 10 minutes to rid excess co2 buildup and minimize immediate repeat attack.

Just my 2 cents ;)

-Gregg in Las Vegas

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The literature suggests little value.

Yet there may be some benefit for some chronic and episodic cases, even in stopping a cycle.

Access to the chamber could make this a difficult therapy to obtain.




If you've got a chamber close by it might be worth a try.

Seems it can't hurt?

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My two cents...

O2 is all about creating a chemical/physiological change that shuts down an attack. It really has nothing to do with lack of O2 in our system, nor our ability to process O2 through our lungs. In my experience that change is not sustainable, nor should it be sustained for a long period of time. I have tried sleeping with oxygen, only to wake up with a hit that O2 would not touch. It is the change that shuts it down, using O2 at other times or other ways just detracts from its effectiveness (nowhere to change to/from). I haven't sited any of the technical terms here, just keeping it simple.

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