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Natural Hunka Kaboom


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We haven't seen kaboom here much lately, but I know she's still hard at work on behalf of ClusterBusters.  So, this story caught my eye today (the headline was something like "Kaboom Clears Out City Hall"):

A metal pipe with the word “Kaboom,” scrawled across it definitely qualifies as a suspicious item, and yesterday one was discovered at Akron, Ohio’s City Hall at 8:30 a.m. Cue bomb squads, police, fire crews and the K-9 unit and a building evacuation. But chillax — investigations revealed it was the homemade, name-tagged cane of community-minded resident Kaboom, who forgot it after a City Council meeting. It gets better: Three years ago the 65-year-old changed his legal name from the unexciting James Louis Krosner to the alarm-raising Natural Hunka Kaboom. He claims the explosive name is just a shortened version of Polish family name Kaboomski. . .

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Also, this from the Urban Dictionary:


... Also means awesome, cool, amazing.

TJ- That chick looks kaboomski

I guess we shoulda known. Obviously this term was inspired by and is named after our very own Kaboom - yet another reason for us to burst with pride over the renown of our CBusters family. :)

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