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Motivation routines


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Hi  :)

I have become unable to dose. I actually had some heart problems, doc think it is side effect from the triptans i used. I cannot use O2, it cramp up my heart even more. But i`m out from high cycle today i think, wonderful. Went out and had a walk and some wonderful wonderful fresh autumn air. What i do from here i guess only time will show.

What i`m thinking is i have routines for shitty days, bad periods or whatever that meets us in our daily life. I have routines that only have one goal, how to make me function the best way i can today. Often this can turn the day from being like "how to make it trough the day" to be such a great day.

Let`s give each other tools and share your motivation routine :) Being episodic or chronic, all healthy, rich or poor, we all need motivation!

Share with us:)

PFW from me


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That bites. >:( >:(

I will put the top down and go for a drive. Usually I wind it tight, loving the RPM's sound and feeling. Leave the music off and listen to the engine.  :) :) The feel of the wind, the smells in the air, and the sound of the engine is invigorating and takes me to other places in my mind!

My other solution is music! If I am down, physically or mentally, heavy beat music, throbbing through the floor is nice.  8-) It gives me drive and cheers me up. I may not get a lot done, but I am happy and in a better place. I occasionally get caught dancing in the kitchen with the dog! :-[

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My two baby girls...now 26 and 28, but STILL my baby girls. And of course their mother, my bride of 30 years who found these boards for me so many years ago......oh yeah...and all you guys. Who hug me or kick my arse depending on what is needed at the time. And you always seem to know.

Hang in there Ting.


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Went to the mountains in the rain today with some friends.  Doc insists i can do triptans (OMG!!), but he do think this is heart cramp thing comes from triptans, but "just" side effects like he says. So if he tells me i can do more triptans, i can certainly go for a run. So yeah, i did and i was fine. I will just stay away from any stimulants like caffeine, Red Bull etc, it brings on more chest pain and make me dizzy, nausea and gives me s little  fever. But it was ok today with a short run. 

I truly think this is just my time to go completely away from stuff like Red Bull etc., simply because i might be able to do so. Why not, time will show :)

Gardening is therapeutic, never tried outdoor cause of heavy allergies, but i really love being a "farmer"  :)

You folks are so motivating and fun :)

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