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Wilson's temperature syndrome

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Hi everybody

Does somebody have any information about the thyroid hormone T4 and low temperatures and if there is a connection with CH? Took my temperature after having a mild CH it was only 36 degrees C :-?


The symptoms sound so the same as mine?


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Thanks for the Wilson's link Heilette.

I may actually try some of those body temp raising herbs at one point for fatigue'n junk, not that I have any idea whether there would be a CH correlation.

There's a classic book "Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness". The way I remember it, the author was a Navy doctor who had a LOT of servicemen he could run experiments on, and when he measured waking temperature on them, he found the ones with low temps were hypothyroid, and responded to treatment, although conventional tests weren't catching it.

So his method is to put a thermometer in the 'ol armpitsky upon waking (and remaining still) for several days in a row, and if it consistently registers low, well that tels ya sumthin'

Mine came in consistently low - in the 97-ish F range.

I've seen others wonder aloud whether the thyroid bone is connected to the CH bone, but don't recall anyone reporting CH relief from thyroid treatment.

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More-or-less random thoughts . . .

I haven't read the whole Wilson's thing, but I recalled that licorice root, which has been valuable for treating Heilette's CH, is specifically used by some people to address hypothyroidism.  E.g., '>http://www.livestrong.com/article/506254-the-effect-of-licorice-on-hypothyroidism/

   But from other things I've glanced at, it seems this method of treatment is questionable, or at least has to be applied with great care.

I also recall that somewhere in his long tome on the licorice root protocol, Les mentions that licorice root is a fairly powerful temperature-reducing agent.

All of which reminds me -- Heilette, I hope are you being careful to follow Les's requirement that a person should not stay on the licorice root protocol for too long at one time.

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Wilson lost his license for a few months and was disciplined for this theory and treatment provided for it.

The medicos say there is no such thing and he was scamming patients.

Who is right? I don't know, but I would be cautious.

all the best


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Thanks everybody

The information you gave was very helpful!!

CHfather   I don't use the licorice so often anymore, only for one day, sometimes, when I'm very depressed, it puts me in a good mood and give me guts to go on :-/  Still waiting for my seeds, Saturday will be two weeks since the order went through, will get it soon!


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Typical BS (i read the first few paragraphs and stopped) i cant be on the putor more than a few minutes before i get an attack...if you suspect that you might have a thyroid condition (a simple blood test will reveal that)...if you do find out that you do..."Endocrinologist" (sp)...i do have a thyroid condition since 1980...first hyper....now hypo....got CH appr. 6-months later (which took 3.5 years for correct diag.) as all i did was complain about my eye pain (which was always the most painful)...i have graves disease ( it affects the thyroid and eyes) so thats what all these docs thought it was (neo,endo and eye spcl.) ...it's very easy to deal with...take 1-little pill every a.m. (synthroid) and all is good

Are the 2 connected,i doubt it and could give a flying fook if they are or not (wont do me any good)...for those that have a thyroid problem,it is very difficult for treating in regard of CH...hoping you don't have it...

if for some chance you do have a thyroid condition...WARNING...do not go on the vitamin D reg.,as that will make your life miserable...hoping you don't have this other condition.....Lenny

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