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A new year full of hope

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I hope that:

-I can forget all the sh** stuff we've been through in 2012

-This cycle will and very soon

-We can continue with busting very soon

But most of all I hope that:

-Doctors will finally understand what CH is and how it affects your life

-The most important medicine such as oxygen, will be covered by insurance as a standard all over the world, just like here in the Netherlands.

-Shrooms will be accepted as a "cure" for CH and every body who suffers from it would be able to get it.

-2013 will become a sensational PAINFREE year for every one who suffers from CH and their supporters.

-Every one who is suffering from CH can live a happy and "normal" life, with more understanding and support!

Here's to a wonderful 2013!!!! [smiley=beer.gif]

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I can only hope and pray that every single wish comes true.  I hope you guys get to enjoy your new year in pain free living.  Good luck to each and every Ch'er and their families.

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Oops, the smiley faces trumped my post...damn computer illiteracy.

  What I wanted to say was I second the well wishes of POS1964. And also wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the people who post and reply here on CB. I can honestly say with the knowledge I have obtained and advice given here I have improved my life 10 fold in 2012 from years prior.

  Here's hoping 2013 is a better year for everyone both suffering and supporting CH'ers

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