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Oxygen and headache (all kinds)

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Only a 14% difference from the placebo group. 

I have several types of headaches and I know O2 doesn't do much for other headaches, you don't get the pain drain like you do with a cluster.

It was a good find CHfather keep up the good work but this one I have to disagree with even though I wish O2 worked for all types of head aches I know it doesn't for me.


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Works for me....we used it in shop many years ago for hangovers.

LOL,  yes BB I was an Army medic and we would go out and party all night get a couple hours sleep and then wake up hang over and have to run 10 miles.  We would give each other IV's and suck O2 and have no problem.  So I guess I can only say it doesn't work for my migraines,  ice pick and shadow headaches.

I forgot to add that hangover headaches are caused from dehydration.  The blood doesn't flow as well so it doesn't carry as much O2 to the brain that is why O2 worked for you but normally the headache will come back if you don't rehydrate.

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