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Wish me luck folks.....

Dallas Denny

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Luck, shmuck, that $1 mil is practically a guaranteed win for you DD, so it's time to decide how to spend it, and get out there and make some down payments on stuff!

Heck, why not get busy now charging some major items on the credit card if it doesn't have to be paid off until after the 18th?  ;D  ;D

Seriously though GOOD LUCK, I think you're a genuine contender.  :)

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Well, the WSOP circuit event is back at Choctaw.....my lovely bride gave me entry money for 2 tourney buy in's this year for Christmas!!!

So....one down....100K event......$125 buy in for 8K chips.....got to play a total of 5 hands during the first 4 level session, won em all, and went on break with almost 20K and was the big stack on my table.....30 min into the 2nd session I got sent to the rail on a BAD river beat!!  lol!!

Gotta tell ya it's exciting to play with all those pros but I wouldn't have their job on a bet!!  That tourney started at noon and didn't reach the 8% that moved to todays final event until after midnite!!!  It is sooooo boring, not to mention my back, neck, and shoulders were killin me!!!!  I would hate to think that I flew in from somewhere and had to rent a room to put myself thru that every week to make a living!!!

None the less, I will play the mega sat to the 1 mil main event on the 16th......last year I made it halfway thru a field of 955 entries....a total of 130 seats were awarded to the main event so just need to last another 300 folks this year!!  LOL!!


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Denny, beat those pros like you've beaten so much else in your life!  Nice playing -- sorry about that river beat.  Aside from all the aches and the boredom and the bad beat, it sounds like a great experience.  If you have any pics, how about sending one (you with your big stack?)?

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Well....WSOP changed up the format on this years super satellite to the main event!!!  Unfortunately, my pockets weren't deep enuf to be competitive!!

Although it was still a $70 buy in tourney for 2k in chips, they added unlimited $50 rebuys thru level 4 (the first session ), AND, during the first break you could do single or double add on's at $50 for 3000 chips!! 

So anytime your chip stack is 2k or less you can buy 2000 more chips....so for $120 I started with 4K chips......the ALL IN insanity began on the first hand!!!  Some idiot sitting on the dealers right burnt thru $500 in rebuys in the first session!!!!  I actually was the beneficiary of 2 of his busts and was sitting on almost 9K at the break but...

....the last hand before the break, everyone at the table with less than 4K went all in....one dude won big and the rest did double rebuys and double add ons...so when we got back from break I was the short stack at the table by at least 1000 chips!!

It was still a blast playin with the pros but it seemed more like lotto than poker so I think I'll stick to the small daily tourneys in the card room where poker skills actually count!!!

same ol broke DD

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Well you've let us down horribly DD, so don't even bother coming around here anymore. HA :D, but seriously, with so much luck and so little skill being involved in that tournament, I can see why you'd feel like ya might as well be playin' BINGO.  ;D

We gotta get you in a tourny where shrewd and finely honed skills can be put to use. 8-)

I picture this taking place on a paddle wheel boat rolling down the Mississippi.


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