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Lately i used this one with great success, can read a little here  http://www2.valkee.com/uk/evidence/science/. Not saying it will help anyone else but for me it helps. It helps me wake up and fall asleep in a normal rhythm, instead of that Cluster vampire like rhythm. Everything that stimulates serotonin, melatonin levels could possibly help us. Anyways, maybe worth a try. Helps me :)



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Hi Ting!

Light through the ear canal??  Very interesting, thanks for sharing. 

I've been taking ZMA (zinc and magnesium supplement) before bed and it's absolutely amazing for getting a deep and powerful sleep ;D.  I am out of cycle, so I don't know how it could help CH exactly, but for a great nights sleep it works amazing for me.  Not sure if that's been discussed on here though. 

PF Wishes to You!


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I use ZMA as well, in shorter periods. Does something good, i agree :)

Heilette, in the beginning i used it 12 min, now i use 6 min. I use it when i eat breakfast, around 7.30 in the morning. Hope your doing well ;)

They do treat migrain with this and have good results as well. Norway and Finland, none of us have much sun, so it`s good just for energy and mood elevation. CH steal energy as well so def worth it :)

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Wow, this seems really cool.  How does it work?  Do they just put a light directly to you ear or do they have to insert a light into the actual ear canal?  Any idea if it is a certain spectrum of light?  This is really awesome that this is helping you...how often do you have it done? 

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It's interesting stuff. Two things though:

1)Regarding the fmri study, intriguing as it is, I would be wary of trusting it too much. fMRI is very noisy and though appropriate statistical measures were taken, it seems, there is still some chance that the effect might be due to noise and random chance.

2) Regarding the SAD study, it is also an interesting study but the group sizes are small and it is not placebo-controlled (really hard to do with ligh therapy studies:) so it might be a placebo effect which is observed. Having said that, it IS a drastic decrease in depression scores and it definitely deserves more attention. Cool stuff!

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