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and I thought I was sick.....


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I do realize and know that having a YoutTube channel and spreading awareness about the disease, having a blog,opens myself up for some real weirdos,sickos and nut jobs.....but holy hanna....

What I am cutting and pasting doesnt bother me. Because reall it doesnt. The only time I ever got annoyed is when some a hole wish my son got the disease. That person I wanted to have chicklets for teeth. Yesterday I got a message and today another one but todays I actually posted....because I want other survivors to read it....and message this moron....he called me and the disease a fake...hahahaha

here is a cut and paste of what he said ...

its on my video "Cluster Headache Ontario Canada" on YouTube

here is the other one I got yesterday....this one I deleted.

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Choose suicide. You know it makes sense. Your dog will be fine and it hates you


Some people are cowards and sick F**Ks.

I have to take the negative and turn it into a positive and despite how messed up they are pray for them.

I am not posting this out of anger. More disblief I guess.

I only posted that guys comments because I hope other CHrs out there reply to this guy....

drew Uitterdyk 9 hours ago

really if u are in that bad of shape y has the health system not steeped in to help you. i think u are a joke and the fact that u have the right to stop my post from being displayed is garbage, and shows how fake u and this stuff is. stop trying to get people to feel sorry 4 u grow up be a man! i know about you and the person u are u may fool people who don't know anything about u but for the people who do u are a rat, and[ch65279] a moron. lol

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