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Poetic Injustice


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Tick Tock, the demons alarm clock is ringing time to get up to die

Sound asleep, the alarm is ringing in my right eye

The words uh ohh I say to my wife.

She runs for the kitchen to hide the knife

Fearful, this might be the one that takes my life.

Not this time I am not ready for suicide

Wait my attacks not over yet IÂ’ve just begin to ride

I shake the head board in pure agony

Screaming top of my lungs , neighbours think itÂ’s a felony

As I pray and beg the tears start to pour

I beg my God for it to come back to no more

My son puts his hand on my head.

My wife rubs my back

IÂ’m glad we donÂ’t have a gun because this would be my last attack

Their  love and touch is a blessing in disguise.

As if it wasnÂ’t for God and them the devil would have won his demise

Yes , itÂ’s the devil. The beast as they say

Fuck you CH, today is a new day

I will get back up, no matter how many times you hit me

Night after night, day after day

I will not let this beast beat me

For all you fellow Cluster Heads

Stand tall, be proud and take your meds!

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crappity smack was not my choice of words.lol

I don't believe you lol j/k

Maybe I'll add a few more "stanzas" 

Blessed with life, and cursed by demons

Revenge my pain? I could never get even

Believe it, even if I tore my target to pieces

Severed the head, removed the organs and eat em

I'd still feel cheated

A quarter past the nights noon, eye droops, head booms,

dark room, blue fruit consumed, my mood...

is anxious, refrain from pacing, maintain patience,

these are the basics, until the beast is vacant

practice shamanic healings of the ancients

walls breathe, colors blend, shapes shift

travel on the intergalactic spaceship

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