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How Many Ya'll Are Chronic

Donnie S

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i had been doin the seeds about 8 months and had ordered several times so wasnt just a bad batch. no denying they sure did help in the beginning. they made me sick to my stomach and just wierd in general. basically just sat on edge of bed and held my stomach for hours. after awhile i just started knockin myself out with sleep meds soon as i took the seeds. funny but thats about the same time they stopped workin. i tried hard to get some shrooms and bust with them just couldnt get any. ive done them before and actually found them quite pleasant lol. it aint the buzz that turned me off the seeds. have tried the melatonin didnt seem to help. i drink a lot of energy drinks buy em by the 24. drink one every time i need the o2. not familiar with the d3. ive read the testosterone study and have a doc app next week i think there might be something to that. i take sleep meds and anxiety meds cause about the closest thing to a good cluster is waitin for the next one. im sure many can relate to that. i get most of the winter off work. the clusters were much better when i was workin everyday but that seems to be par for the course too. i seem to be havin harder time shuttin them down now then six months ago and have had a few pop up at times they just never have before over last 2 years. just out of the blue. mine are normally 90 mins exactly after i fall asleep and usually every night. about half the time i can expect anonther either before or after that,and the odd day its just about non stop every 2 or 3 hours. not sure which is harder on me the clusters or the meds but i dont remember driving to work some days. but i wouldnt hardly ever sleep without the meds. theres a phrase something about the devil and the deep blue sea .......

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Donnie, here's the info about the D3: https://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1314134804 When you see your doc next week, ask about getting your vitamin D level tested.  It's part of a standard blood panel, I think.  As you can see from the link, a lot of people get a lot of relief when they get their D levels up (and most people have very low D levels).

I guess I just have one question about the seeds. Did you soak them for much longer than an hour or 90 minutes?  That's all you need (you probably already know this, but I want to be sure).  I remember that a person or maybe a couple of people who soaked them for considerably longer times had more stomach upset.

Wish I had more for you.  Have you thought about growing shrooms???

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back to check in after a long time. nothing has changed really I have managed to get the shrooms but they seem to be doing very little. unless ya call 2 nights out of 7 sleepin thru relief. stopped them too at one point and went into a 12 day cycle straight from hell. finally layin on the floor one night with my o2 mask in one hand and a bag of shrooms in the other eatin them right from the bag in did stop the streak for 24 to 36 hours but that's as long as the relief lasts. not a doc in eastern Canada that knows half as much about clusters as ive learned on my own. its tough...and takin its toll...little over 3 years now. my o2 tank is the only reason im still alive. 

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Hey Donnie S

Sorry you're still in pain.

Have you tried the D3 regimen CHfather sent you the link to earlier in this thread?

I strongly encourage you to try it. I am chronic and started getting results almost immediately!

Take care

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yes I think mine is chronic migraine I have had it now for years but just here latly I have had migraine non stop now for months and I am going to migraine doctor in aug maybe sooner if they have any opens came up hope so because I am suffering I have tried everything before and nothing helped  hoping this doctor can help I am new here ill post here soon after this

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First CH June 2010 and went chronic 2013. I feel for you and hope you find something to work for you. I personally haven't found anything yet. You are in the right spot to get help or questions. This is a great group. If you get a chance go to CB Conference this was my 1st year to go and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you all for being so supportive and welcoming. I learned a lot and felt a lot better talking to others about it and learning that iam not alone.

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Hi all I have been cronic for 3yrs out of 14yrs wish i could get a break

Cause survial and toughness is just

About over for me.I write suicide

Letters every day to my brothers.

And not trusting myself no more.I

Know you all feel this wicked pain.

I am pretty sure the only thing I have not tried is the shrooms

And honestly I would eat dog crap

If it would help.so if I could get a

Lead on where to get the mushroom I

Will try that cause the alternative

Is Grimm.tks pain sad depression insanity and much more needs to stop.

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New here not new to the ch world reading some of these brings me to

Tears would maybe not say that anywhere else but were a different

Group 3Yes chronic 14 in all

Beg God to take me even though I really want to live.times running out

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Morning Edache!


Welcome. Glad that you found us, but sorry that you too suffer.  There is a ton of support for you here. This group understands. I see that you have already poured over at least one old thread so I bet that you are perusing others too. :)


It would be nice if you started your own thread and let us know a bit more. That way we would have more to go on to help you! There are several things that can be tried to improve your situation and many great aids for fighting this condition. 3 years chronic is very tough. Especially if you feel alone.


Don't give up. Never give up. You are not alone.





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You are most welcome! I was in the same boat a few years ago - alone with CH.


We do have an Annual Conference for CHer's too! This year it is in Austin, Texas in September.


I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome, Ed', and sorry you have to be here.  It's been rough for you, but it is going to get better.  With people like spiny on your side, it has to, no way it won't.  As spiny says, please tell us a little more about what you are doing now to treat/try to treat your CH.  It would be best, as spiny says, for you to start a new thread, preferably in one of the more private areas, such as "Theory and Implementation."  To start a new thread, click on that category from the General area, and at the top and the bottom right side of the board you will see a tab that says "Start A New Topic."


To answer the question you asked elsewhere, "MM" is "magic mushrooms," or mushrooms containing psilocybin, which you mention in your first post. As you say, those can be hard to get your hands on in the short run. But there are other substances you can use for "busting" that are easier to get -- legal to buy and possess -- and there are many other things you can do, such as the vitamin D3 regimen and optimizing your oxygen system, that will also make a big difference for you.


So, our new friend, let's get started making things better for you!

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