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Update on this year's HOH

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In a little over a week, approximately 20 people representing those with cluster headaches will be ascending upon Wash. DC to have our collective voices heard and actions of support carried out. Thanks to those voluntering to travel with us and the moral and finacial support of others, this is about twice as many as last year. We expect twice the results.

To anyone wondering if our congress will be listening let alone acting on our behalf, I offer you this message from Dr. Robert Shapiro, President of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy. The group we are joining in DC again this year. 

"Because of last year's HOH, research funding to study chronic migraine and post-traumatic headaches are now available through the Department of Defense."

One of the very few areas where the government had allocated any research funding into headache disorders of any type, was the Defense Department of all places.

This research funding covered TBI (traumatic brain injury) which is a common cause of the original triggering of cluster headaches. Very important research for everyone. Research that can eventually lead to discovering the root cause of cluster headaches. An important step in finding out how best to treat clusters and it's cause. An important step in finding a cure.

The reallocatment of these funds was one of our primary 'asks" last year and we were successful in getting this funding reinstated. Not an easy task in this time of budget cuts.

Everyone that joined us last year should be proud of this accomplishment.

As of today, 79 participants from 31 states will be visiting approximately 140 congressional offices on April 9th.

We will be hitting the "Hill" with new requests that are important to everyone with Cluster headaches, Sufferers and supporters, family and friends. Its not easy to take time away from work and family but this is an amazingly dedicated group. Inspired because they know they can make a difference for not only themselves but for hundreds of thousands of families that live with Cluster Headache..

Wish us luck!

Please share this where appropriate as a thank you to those that went last year and as support for those returning this year.

Bob Wold

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