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a year ago today


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A year ago today I almost died. I had Deep Brain Stimulation Feb 27 and got an infection. They gace me 48 hours to live if I had not had the surgery reversed.

I woke up Sunday morning before church. I sleep in my gotchies. Went to the washroom and noticed where the incision is for my pacemaker that it had a hole and was leaking puss.

Said to my wife, off to church then the hospital.

Went to hospital and by time I got there my right arm,shoulder all way to elbow was really sore.

Started me on IV and anitbiodics. There was NO BEDS in ER. Got there at noon. At midight told me I had to stay the night.

7am next day Monday, my neurosurgeon came and saw me and said tomorrow we operate (#3 for me at time), And remove pacemaker and lead wires.

Next day operated and removed lead wires to brain. Left Electrode in. I didnt have time to think. I was scared. And hated surgery so far because I get violently ill to anestesia. I vomit 5 days straight.

One year ago today this happened. I spent my 40th birthday in hospital. Since then I had the DBS re done (Nov 13,2012).

I hope this years birthday is better. ;)


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