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FOR SALE: 25lpm/50psi regulator with 2 DISS ports


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Not sure if anyone needs one, but I figured I would offer it here before I put it on eBay.

I have an extra (brand new/still in package) Inovo regulator for sale.  25lpm, 50psi, and 2 DISS ports to attach a demand valve if desired.

$30 (I'll pay the shipping costs)

Paypal, cash, or money order can be used for payment.  Post here or p.m. me if interested.




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Howdy sir,

     Yes, you are correct, this would be for a smaller tank (D or E).  I am 99% sure I found a new home for it already though.  My apologies if you were interested.  If for some reason I am wrong about the new home thing I will let you know right away.

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Thanks.  If it has a good new home, that's fine with me.  Kind and thoughtful of you to offer it here!

Yup, I found a home for it.  Thanks though.

PM me ...you sell i buy. Need to know the lpm settings. 25 and 50? Any others.?


Nope, sorry.  That's the only one I have available.  I purchased it on accident and really just wanted to get my money back out of it.

I was looking for a demand system for my "E" tanks and couldn't find a complete setup at a decent price so I was going to piece one together.  Of course as soon as I purchased this regulator, a complete unit popped up  ::)  If you (or anyone else) needs one please let me know.  I'm always on the look-out for o2 related stuff, and usually can find decent deals.

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Keep a lookout for a decent price on a demand valve.

I would like one for my BIG tank. Possibly one that would work on the big and small tank.

Last I heard they run about $300, probably why I Haven't invested in one yet :(


Anything for you sir!!

I just picked up a complete unit for less than $150.  Took some searching, and a few days, but it sure beats the regular $300-$400 price tag. 

A lot of volunteer EMT people have to purchase their own equipment and that's who I have been targeting.  This guy I just bought mine off of paid $398 for the entire setup (25lpm/50psi regulator, 6ft hose, demand valve, and mask).  He left the volunteer department and said the hose, mask, and demand valve were never even used..... and the regulator was only used 5 or 6 times.  Heck of a deal for half the price of retail!

Can you shoot me a picture of the top of your big tank?  or find one just like yours on the internet and give me a link?  Is it an "M" tank like this one?

(this is just a random picture I pulled off the internet so ignore the regulator and the A,B,C markings... I just need to know if the valve on the top of your tank has the threads like this one)


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Hey Steve,

Yes mine is a M tank...look like the pic but doesn't have the black contraption on the top, which doesn't make any difference anyway.

The threads appear to be the same.

If you find something interesting, let me know.

Thanks man


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