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There have been some important updates to the new website.
I would like to thank Doug Wright (Fun Guy) for all his hard work on getting the website up and running. He has spent an extraordinary amount of time on the site.

I hope you all check out and share the following pages whenever you can.

We have added a large section on the "About Us" page that explains all the different areas we are involved in and will help explain that we aren't just "those mushroom people" ;-)
Thanks to everyone that has helped us expand our footprint in cluster research, education and advocacy.


We have a new comprehensive oxygen page and thanks to Jerry (CH Father) it is the best 02 page available. Please check it out and share it when people are looking for 02 information.

Resource pages have also recently been re-vamped and specifically the newly updated doctor list Thanks very much to Bill Mingus for all the work pulling this together and keeping it updated. Also thanks to OUCH for allowing us to build upon their list.

Besides the people mentioned above, there are many people doing an incredible amount of work keeping CLusterbusters growing and expanding our reach. Thank you all very much.



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Thank you all very much.

No...... [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif] THANK YOU SIR!

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