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Tried to talk to my neruo today...

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So that went...not well at all.

Went to my Neuro today and asked if he had heard of anyone busting the cycle with magic mushrooms. He seemed confused. I explained their similar structure to immitrex and he just kind of brushed it off as me joking. I persisted and said that my headaches since my first dose were significantly more mild and that I hadn't started taking my verapamil or nortryptaline due to school and depression. With all the other meds my doctors have thrown at me, I just don't have the time or will power lately on top of my classes to do as well as I need to AND fight my body to stay awake and alert. He quickly said, that I should be careful not to eat any poisonous mushrooms and that he'd never heard of such a thing.  :o

I asked if he'd be interested in some articles on it and he just said, "Yes, send it to me. Let's go." and swept me into the hallway before I try to squeeze out any other questions. I had to ask him to prescribe immitrex in the hallway on the way to the receptionist!  :-/

I'm flustered. I'm honestly at a loss of what to do. Is it time for a new Neurologist? He does not have an open email that I can just send something to. He said to send it to the office, which is a huge practice of many neurologists. This seemed odd. I felt as though he was off put and worried I was going to start asking too much and get him in trouble.


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Not having been there and not hearing his full reply, from what you wrote, it sounds like he said what he thought would get you to shut up the quickest. He seems quite closed minded, and 'my medicine is the best medicine for you' type attitude.

I shopped around until I found a GP I could talk to, and would support me in what I wanted to try, not push some solution at me that didn't work. Thankfully, my GP has a good friend with clusters, so has a better understanding than many.

I got lucky with my neuro. He's a migraine sufferer, so has some idea what head pain is all about. Although, since busting I haven't had a need to go visit him.

Regardless if you stay with this guy, or find someone else, you need to take what works for you, in my humble opinion. And doctors don't know all they claim to know.


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I wouldn't give up on him just yet...Remember, from everything Western Medicine doctors have been taught you telling him that hallucinogenic mushrooms have worked for your clusters sounds bat shit crazy.  Another thing to remember--doctors get a lot of people coming in with legitimately bat shit crazy ideas.

I would do exactly what he told you to do.  Print out info and send it to him.  That's the only way to know if he is open minded enough to help you.  Another thing to remember--Although it is important that your Doc not have a serious problem with what you are doing, there's nothing that says he has to give you the OK either...I've had docs all my life tell me I shouldn't do a whole bunch of stuff, I thank them for their opinion and tell them I am going to do it anyway :)

Send him these--




Then if he's still being a douchebag, fire his ass.


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I went to Half a dozen Nueros before meeting the good doctor in Boston.  All of them would have got me nowhere fast!  I was a lab rat for western medicine.  I also felt like I was a bad person or a junkie trying to ask for better/more drugs.  I dreaded my appointments and the way I was treated(not treated...).  It couldn't hurt to investigate some others while you send this guy information.  your note did not give me any confidence this guy is going to help. 

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If busting can end a cycle of CH and prevention doses can keep them away, you don't need a neuro, which means he doesn't get paid...plus I think most doctors have a god complex and hate for patients to research their own conditions...

I've been going to a chiropractor and getting adjustments, massages and acupuncture for the past few weeks...it's not going to "cure" anything but I leave feeling so relaxed and my cluster lump is not so painful...that goes away in a few hours but its nice while it lasts..

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I guess it really just depends on what you are looking for out of your doctor. 

If you have any doubts, and want to be seen by an actual "Cluster Doctor" head up north to the Cleveland and see Dr. Stewart Tepper in the headache and facial pain facility at the Cleveland Clinic.


He writes books, publishes articles, is the editor of a couple magazines, and gives seminars on cluster headaches.  He is on board with anything/everything you need.

I know it's about a 3 hour drive for you .... but it's well worth it.   He is about 2.5 hours from me, but I would drive to China to see him if I had to.

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Thanks for the info! I've got a friend in Cleveland so I may take the trip this summer while I'm off school for once. Hoping to bust my cycle in the next week or so though and maybe I won't even need one as long as my current Neuro continues my prescriptions for Imitrex and oxygen!  ;D

Really appreciate the link though!


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