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How Many???


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How many of the chronic cluster sufferers have had significant results with using Vit M to bust?

I am a chronic sufferer and am really just starting to truly bust every week. I am hoping to get some real relief and wanted to take a survey to see how many of us chronics there are that have succeeded in long times of pain free.

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Hey Beast Buster!

I'm not a chronic, just a stinking BUSY BODY episodic,  :D and since I haven't seen any replies after this survey has been posted for a day now, of course I can't resist interjecting a couple case histories I can think of here.  :-?

Dan/Hipshot. Now there's one chronic feller who famously bought himself 6 months of pain free livin' with the Vit M. Sadly, he's been struggling again lately. If I remember correctly, there's a concern on his part that an opiate prescription for a serious neck issue may be currently interfering with busts.

I also know another chronic feller who got some lonnnnng PF remission with vit M. Eventually it returned and put up a strong fight, he had to bust it hard, but got it re-snuffed while at the same time adopting the D3 regimen, and is now pretty much crediting the D3 with keeping him in remission.

Oh yeah, and then there's a gal I know who went chronic, tried RC with no success, found herself to be a rare instance of someone for whom the D3 actually made her CH worse, then grew the vit M, busted with it (several doses), and voila! She's still in the extended PF zone.  :)

A couple of these folks may feel it necessary to avoid openly discussing the details of their busting on the interwebs, so hey, maybe it's not such an entirely bad thing that I'm blabbing my muzzle off here after all.  :D

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I am on the other end of the stick.

I'm chronic and get some relief from mushrooms, but not the long term success some other folks have had.

I have 2-3 pain free days after dosing, but then the beast comes back.  So I have put myself on a schedule where I dose every weekend.  I haven't given up though ...... hopefully one of these bust attempts will be the one that does the trick for me!!

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Thanks Bejeeber and b.g.! I was wondering when someone was going to answer. Well I am hoping I will be in the fortunate group of people to achieve extended pain free days. Bejeeber it makes sense what you said about Hipshot and the opiates. I busted with smaller doses about 4 times and did not achieve any real results. Well I was also taking daily opiates so that may(probably) be a blocker to busting. Well Last weekend I took a large dose and had an amazing time. I noticed a few days this week with no headaches and it was wonderful. I will bust again tonight, another large dose, and hopefully increase the positive results. B.g. I feel your pain and hope the next bust you do kicks the beast to the curb for you. Once again thank you all for sharing.

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i'm chronic and have been from the start. With the M i have never achieved complete pain free time but after about 6 months of busting weekly and some more then weekly I have been able to stay in low cycle for 1 year now. Which is amazing to me... not pain free but also i'm only getting one or two low grade ones per day as opposed to 4 two month high cycle periods with 5-8 Major killers per day...

best thing to do is to just keep going..

i actually have not busted in 1year and am still in a low cycle period... fingers crossed. but i have plenty of M just in case it decides to ramp up again.

I'm also using ketamine now to stop the pain when it does occur and with nightly 9mg melatonin and 1mg xanax I have been keeping it at bay during the evening.

hope this helps..


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Hi kids,

Sorry, haven't visited the boards in a few days so just saw this post.

I'm chronic, have been 6+ years now. Although for me, the game is bigger than just getting pain free days from clusters.

2011 was my worst year.

258 clusters, getting up to 5 hits every 2-3 days. Longest pain free period was 4 or 5 days.

Plus, 42 migraines that year.

Started busting end of 2011, and in 2012 I had:

169 cluster attacks (down by nearly 100 attacks) with several pain free gaps in the range of 23 days.

The amazing bit is that I had only 3 migraines in 2012! A 93% improvement over the year before!

Also, since my first bust with mushrooms I have had only a handful of post traumatic stress attacks, as opposed to the 20-30 minute attack I used to get after EVERY cluster.

I think the challenge is finding the right busting agent (shroom, seed or LSD), at the right dose, perhaps the right strain, at the right frequency to do the most good. After many months of hitting shrooms pretty hard, I'm actually going back to seeds as I think they are more effective for me.

Rule of thumb: Don't give up, try something else.

I have tried every medicine the doctors could give me, and had well exceeded the max dose of Topiramate. It was all about as effective as water off a ducks back. Busting is the only thing that has produced a significant improvement.

OH, I've also had some success with the Vitamin D3 regimen, and it plays well with busting.



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