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So I Busted


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Hey Ya'all, After being exactly a year Pf after a horrible 2-2 1/2 year cycle..let me tell you my 1st bust was a process...& it did'nt happen right away...I first tried the Rc seeds, to no avail . Was absolutely miseable w/ pretty much constant heavy shadow & was getting hit 3x's or more a day & the same amount of hits at night. This site its members along w/ the CH support group on Fb & its members were my saving Grace because at the time.. I had little hope or strength to even keep breathing. I detoed again & tried busting again...this time w/ vitamin M......I had a little relief, cut down on hits & shadows a bit....but I was still suffering. So again I detoxed & busted again w/ some very mild medical...(paper)....Still horrible shadows & waking up 3 xs a nite a big hit or 2 during the day....I thought it was hopeless. I didnt lose hope & tried again w/ vitamin M & bingo ;D Success! I never imagined it last a year & I got complacent... Fast foward to 2 mnts ago The beast returned at 3:30am w/ a vengence...I was blindsided by the return of our beast! I expected more hits but nothing till 2 weeks ago again 3:45am the beast Kip10 I'd say 11 if there was one...and was plauged by the return of a consistant shadow..& about 3 to 4 hits in 24....ugh! So I prepared to bust w/ tge last of the medicine I had....The heavy shadow lifted right away, yay! A lil nervous becuz the shadow has been creeping back....but I'm still very hopeful! I'm greatful ya'all are here thanks for listening..I will update soon! PF wishes n hugs to you all! Peace out!

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May your beast rest in peace! Heavy shadow lifting right away does seem like a good sign alright.

That is interesting that last time the score was RC: 0, paper: 0, Mushrooms: jackpot!

Especially since paper is considered by some to be the most likely to succeed. Hey maybe the RC and/or paper weakened the beast enough that the vit M finished him off for the year...?! I dunno, maybe not, this process can be kinda cuckoo and mysterious, can't it?  :D Well thank gosh you were so tenacious and determined.

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